Rohingya Revisited

I thought since my last post people of the world (UN, ASEAN, etc.) had already progressing against this apartheid schemes. Well, I know that in ASEAN apartheid is not just exclusive to Burma. It is a complicated story that was built upon years of bloodshed and political struggles.

Have a friend or two who work passionately in NGOs and you'll know what I mean. Or, you could be that one friend. I can't disclose any of those apartheid schemes here because it might impact their good works or the people within those government bodies that want to change things up.

Hate is a good tool to improve people's support. It plays well to sooth anxiety in people's heart.  Trump already prove that.

Everyone, including me, is a racist. I too once think of Indian with bad attitude. Their fast talk, their stinking body and how pushy they were to me made my anxiety. Along the way, I met many more good (and great) Indians. Now, I am not even ashamed learning from them.

Assholes are inclusive everywhere, no matter what the skin tone nor the languages.

According to many citizen of Burma stated in Quora, all of those Rohingya was a Bangladeshi. To make it worst, they weren't speaking national language nor singing national anthem. Because of their low education, they are prone to do bad things that in the end made the Burmanese anxious.

Like the article in Quora said, Burma has Kamein that predominantly Islam and living integrated and well in Burma. But, these Rohingya were sought as Bangladeshi illegal migrants. You know how even US feels about immigrants.

There is also a deep political bloodshed that happened in the past that made Burmanese felt deep hatred against them. Because of this also, they mistreated Rohingya people. Two had nurtured hatred over the years and you can't expect them to sit and having a couple cup of tea and everything is rainbow and unicorns.

So, what would be the answer?
  • Educate and naturalized Rohingya people to Burma?
  • Send them back?
Even though Dalai Lama had encourage Aung San Suu Kyi to help the Rohingya, she still reluctantly do so. Her party had the same feeling like the rest of the Burmanese. It would be a political suicide given she just got her freedom back. Besides, Dalai Lama is not the leader of the Buddhism that Burma people took.

Reconsiliation takes years.

Meanwhile, here's some read.


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