[SPOILER] My Take on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

At the first watching BvS, I kinda knew that I would get disappointed. Three books of Doomsday was butchered into that abomination. There was something that made Doomsday a special villain, you know!

I've played the video game, read the books and peek into the comics at the bookstore. And then, I watched BvS and everything cool from Doomsday dumped into the trash. Oh, well, at least I'm not like those poor people who invested their lives into Star Wars Extended Universe.

My brother asked me to buy a ticket for a second watch. He haven't watched the BvS. With my sister pregnant, he couldn't have a time. He was a fan of Batman. So, I dragged myself to watch BvS. This time I let any knowledge go and went with a mind of what kind of superhero was this movie.


After the last scene when Batman sought after Lex Luthor Jr., he punched the wall. A dialog by Lex Luthor Jr. made Batman stopped his rage. Why?

Lex Luthor Jr. was telling Batman about the bell already ringed. The darkness already set their aim at earth ("they coming at us"). Batman then realize that all of this was a scheme of Lex Luthor Jr. to unite them all.

I mean, how could he not realize?
  1. Lex's secretary wasn't there at the downstair to check on Bruce. She was there to make sure that Bruce tapped the information about Super Human thesis.
  2. The problem with Superman was that the world divided about him. A divided humanity can't stand against the darkness to come. They need to be united. They need to acknowledge Superman before it was too late.
  3. Wonder Woman wouldn't made an appearance if not for Lex himself leaked some info that her profile was on that files.
  4. The vision when he was taking a nap was too unreal. He still conflicted about it. But, Lex's words in the end made him realize that it wasn't a hunch.
Lex Luthor Jr. is a Veidt of DCU. He let many people died to unite the rest. His speech at the Library society indeed told about himself:

the sad thing of humanity is to have knowledge but powerless.

He knew about the incoming, but he was powerless. He would love to save people, but he couldn't. He schemed to unite them.

He needed to warn them. Like an eagle put her offspring through the cliffs, he activate Doomsday for the new soon ensemble. He capture Martha to force Superman acting like the script he had in mind.

Who would on the right mind used an experimental weapon for a false flag operation? Only a man needed to be discovered!

There were many hidden gems hinted throughout the movie that Lex Luthor Jr. was there to act as a medium for uniting the Justice League.

My brother hinted me that there was a period where Lex Luthor joined force with Justice League. So, that could be a possibility. I wasn't that nerdy to know which storyline.

After this revelation, I don't see BvS as straight superhero movie. I watched a political thriller that the world and Big Brother try to hide. I am not a tin foil hat, but, yeah, this story is so relatable with current issues.

Many terrorists made their move to tell the world about what's going on on their lands. Some people that organized demonstration from time to time told me this: "you wouldn't listen if we have a silent protest." They needed to be disruptive to get your attention.

Like Tsun Tzu said, "a man wouldn't use his brain until the fly landed on his crotch."

Lex Luthor Jr. knew that humanity won't listen about anything unless they knew about the fear. He let them tasted it. He disrupt the world so that they would united.

Lex Luthor Jr. was an anti-hero.

PS: I really want to watch this the third time. Who wants to rewatch BvS?


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