Interpreting Big Losses

In wisdom of Dao, zero was called wuji which means unlimited. Having nothing means you are unlearned and ready to walk into any unlimited chances. The future is still unwritten.

To have something is to be bounded to something. Responsibilities and comfort zone made a person reluctant to evolves. When that evolution is necessary for a greater great plan, God would help that person broke their baggage; 

unchained one from their comfort zone,
made one unencumbered,
made one have a light feet to walk,
made one to enter greater results.

So what if I cut from the love I had? That love might have been the reason I couldn't walk further in career.

So what if I have choose you? I feel complete with you.

So what if I lose the job? That job is the reason I'm still stuck in years.

So what if I'm stay in this job? This job is my vesel to my raison d'etre and I have sailed so far with it.

To gain is to lose something else. To lose is to be able to gain something else. When God let us have loses, God let us having more options.


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