Why Not GMO

There is nothing wrong with GMO, except it would lead farmers dependent to its source. Many GMO seeds produced without seed. Some even have been tampered to only last one or two generation.

I know that electronic industry also makes their component cheaper and not-last longer so there would be a cycle of refreshed demands. It is sickening to me. And to put that practice also to poor farmers...

The prominent problem of GMO to me is not about the GMO itself. It is how far human greed tainted the seeds.

Of course, the problem of GMO also the question of life. Would this product makes the other varieties gone? This might not pose a problem, but would really redefine what humanity is.

Don't get me wrong. I'm also not that alergic to GMO products. I long for seeds that could withstand environment without using antibiotics or insecticides.

As of now, I would not endorse GMO because of the social factor. May be someday I'll accept GMO. But, because of the current practice, I'm still on the not-support GMO camp.


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