Erotic Dangdut

This video is a sub culture in Java called Dangdut Pantura. Dangdut is a downbeat music style that popular in Javanese culture derived from Hindustan. Pantura is a north region of Java island.

Some people would mistakenly call this kind of performance by calling it Dangdut Koplo. That's not true. Dangdut Koplo is actually a sub genre of Funkot, a sub of House Music, with emphasis on Dangdut element.

This stage play actually derived from a traditional dance Jaipong. There is nothing lewd from Jaipong. The dancer play her body elegantly as the music makes this mystically charming. An art that enticing yet seems spiritual.

The Stage Show

Unfortunately, this dance grow on people's culture as sexually innuendo. I don't know since when but it was there since long a go. In people's show, e.g. traditional wedding, circumcision and so on, they often invited traditional band to perform this dance. Thanks to a culture called Saweran combined with Dangdut the dance began evolving into lewdness.

Saweran is a culture for the audiences to give tips to the band, particularly the singer. For the band, this actually proven beneficial for additional incomes. For the audience, it shows their pride when they can tip so much.

With Dangdut show, people who gives saweran getting extreme play nowadays. They want a fan service with touching and enticing the singer.

Of course, the way they touch is also an art. They can't vulgarly touch the singer on stage. That would be an harassment. These band usually played by all male instrument players. The players would protect their singer from harassment. So, guys who give saweran must think of a way to make the singer sexually aroused without becoming a sex predator.

The stage play is not just about sex. They also have humor around it. Teasing audience with their sexuality. Making them, the males, fantasying all away. While entertaining the audience, the singer must sing a long with the music. They must stay vigilant while being played with some of the naughty audience.

All of it part of the show. It is actually controlled so that nothing bad happens. The audience also understand about it and not trying to do anything stupid. Except when they drunk. He... he... he....

But, don't worry, they would be stopped by others if they want to do bad things. It is a stage play, not a red district. You can't do sex on stage. Some singer let themselves after the show booked by perverts. But, that's their additional income and not the band.

Some band leader with consciousness would stop their lead singer from doing such act. Especially, them who usually in a close relation with the singer.

Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you that these bands usually lead by a male leader.

The Audience

After some amateur social field study, I found out that the audience, the males, actually showing their childish desire. They often joke with one another about the singer. They would play and happily go on stage like children called by their moms.
That's why, you would see them after the saweran go off the stage with smile/laugh and proud, sneering to their companions, joking with their friends about their experience on stage.


I am not a professional sociologist. I can't comment on anything science. The conclusion is yours alone. As I am not here to judge the wrong, I make this as neutral as I can.

There are always a sub culture of objectifying women all around the world. Among those, Indonesia also have some.


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