Stop The Terror

An Israeli TV producer post an Instagram picture to call all the offended party to stop the violence. The Israeli government bombarded Gaza in a response for series of rocket barrage by Hamas, the ruler of Gaza strip. This paragraph from the linked article explain it well:
Isreal began air raids after Gaza's Hamas rulers fired rockets into the country earlier this November. At the time of publication, 840 citizens in Gaza have been injured from the attacks, while another 113 Palestinians have been killed. In Israel, three fatalities were reported and dozens have been wounded. Though over 1,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza, the death rate may remain low in Israel due to Israel's state-of-the-art missile defense system.
Yes, both sides have casualties, mentally and physically. Civillians are terrified from both sides.

Both Are Wrong, So Stahp!

This hate generator between both sides are nothing but interests for some parties involved. Hamas as a part of Moslem Brotherhood may have their support from the new administration of Egypt, Tunisia and I think Iran. The influence of this one of the Islamist faction made Arabians afraid to help.

I hope they don't have open wars. If this escalating, the price of crude oil will rise. Some of my Indonesian brothers might get provoked and making unrelated noise here.

All the popular news I've read in Indonesia only view the attacking Israeli. Not that I defend them, but because they didn't read the part that Hamas provoked first, I think many Indonesian believe that Israel up to race cleansing.

I mean, there is also the Fatah, but why does the Israeli government can't touch them?

Because Palestinian also got support from us, Christians! Especially the Pope himself.

Anyway, I hope these terrors against both sides stop.


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