To my friends,

In my search about the Rohingya incident, I stumbled across this article. As a counter, I stumbled upon a thread at Forum Kompas (Bahasa Indonesia) about Rohingya incident. The blog itself called about a conspiracy to desecrated the integrity of Burmanese with pictures taken from another unrelated incident. Even Aung San Suu Kyi remain silent and take careful note about it.

First of all, this is not about religion in conflict, but a country that has apartheid political system. I can assume you that Rohingya is not the first one. Even in Cambodia there are villages that are not having nationality. In these poor villages, people would sell their 7-8 year old daughters as sex slaves.

And even in Indonesia, people from Ahmadiyah are being torn and chased out from their own houses. Churches having difficulties, even the famous GKI Yasmin that won the case but the court's decision is being hold. Yeah, there is this law immunity when against certain kind of people.

The Rohingya case is not about a war against Moslems. If it did, then why the Moslem 'brother', Bangladesh, would not accept them? Yes, they also have domestic problems.

See, no religion involved there only political.

My point is, don't easily relate some incident because of the religion differences in the related parties. Look also at the socio-economic reason.

And friends, don't think that your country is held high within Human Rights activities. Have you ever walk out of your house and see a beggar then you feel disgusted?

As long people never asked why those became poor, there would be another humanitarian incidents. Some would eliminate them. Luckily, yours just a light dose of it: not even considering their rights as equal humans.

I don't speak for other religion, but here's what I can say about Christians:
Christians, love thy neighbours even if they are different.


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