On The Lack of Compassion

Nowadays, provocative things happen in television. I don't watch it that much anymore anyway. But apparently, there were new topics that arise. Some of them are from the mouth of politicians. In this case, Rhoma Irama.

He said that it is a great sin to let Chinese Christian leading Jakarta. Well, he already taken into question by the police for his black campaign against Jokowi. That old geezer is having too much time in his hand.

I don't like that person. Especially his tears that fall when he hold into custody by the police. Meh! An actor can do such thing easily and his sincerity is questionable. He was on the other candidate ads since the first round voting.

I hate it when people using religion to attack others. It made religion feels like a hypocrit's pact. Made the god on that religion seems like an evil doer fooling his people to do bad things for him. Such a weakling that needs the help of his subject.

God created people. As the time goes by, his creation becoming so powerful that he can't do anything about it. He needs us desperately to do the job. Oh, look he begged.


If your god is a loving, peaceful god, then why you endorse hate?

My God

My God is different. I believe He created all things and within human, He installed a device called "Free Will". A free will is a grant by Him to let each person choose what that person want to do. (and the concequences of that action)

I believe that my God is Christ and all of the people around the world who did not submitted to His love is a wicked soul. Souls that would someday burn in hell. My duty is to come to them and tell them about Jesus.

But, if they choose that they are not being submitted to Christ. If they ever think that my belief is flawed and wrong; all I can conclude is this: "they are excercising God's gift. How dare I take that gift by force?"

Have you not ever think that all the gentiles and the lost are there because your god is that powerful and merciful?

It is a sad thing when we see people taking different beliefs. But, that's also the prove how great our god. Isn't by having gentiles, we can admit that, "My God is a Loving God and The Most Merciful God because he let live all the gentiles."

Let peace be with all of us.


  1. Kalo Batak Kristen masih dosa sedang lah ya xixixi


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