A Side Story of Nobody

Many people would do anything to get their wish done by other. Some people would beg for it. Some people take other measures to get it.

What I regret the most is when a person take a route of taking people as if they are trash. Not thinking about the other side's circumstances and just bluntly asking the wish. Furthermore, the person would put a general stereotype to label that side.

I hate stereotypes!

Why I Chose This

In my line of work I provide a service. I take my job with pride and did more than anyone else. I even work late beyond working hours. That's because I love what I do and I do what I love.

For me, working is my hobby that getting paid. I have my dream and I craft it with my work. So, yeah, my day job is my tool to fulfill my dream.

To some people, work is just a line of duty to collect payroll. They don't wish to give their best. They just want to get paid.

At first I don't understand them. Why would they spend most of their time living on a machinery life? If they spend their lives on doing something, doesn't that means they were living in that? Isn't that means their job is the most part of their lives?

Why people separate their daily job as a way to make a living and not part of of being alive?

Many define their lives are on the family time, which I found that most of them have lack the time of. Many define their lives on luxuries that they will mostly not be able to enjoy. Many define their lives on the names that will fade away.

Well, how strangely human chasing wind, I respect them. But, I chose to follow my dream. I chose to believe in what I do should be fun and healthy. Well, that's why I chose to be in the university. These are the fun facts:
  1. The university is against the flow of traffic, so I will not have traffic jam.
  2. My environment is full of greenery that made it healthy to walk from one building to another. This helps my heart and keeps me healthy.
  3. Many peers that I enjoyed working with is full of idealism. This protects me from the fear of making me not me. I can be a hard working guy without any delicacy and politics.
  4. The job here can make me spare the time for my other part of life.
  5. I can do research even if I am not a part of any research group.
  6. My idealism of powering the nation with FOSS is getting achieved here.
There are many aspects of life, including to have myself fulfilled with money and pride. And I believe that idealism should not be waver and strategically chose a job that I would love with the benefit of having enough payroll.

Out of Hands

Now, I don't work alone. Many people don't have the time to think about their lives. Well, this is understandable. As I wrote earlier, many don't think that much about their lives and decided to be where the wind blows.

That's why, even if I did my best, there would be some parts that keep falling apart. In this kind of situation, I was getting frustrated at first. Then, I only keep sighted. Eventually, I accept the situation and keep doing my best.

I'm a gamer and to have challenge in life is like making a game of life. Strangely enough, the job that I take is like that. It's getting harder and harder. I know I get frustrated sometimes, but I realize that I can enjoying this by keep thinking that this game is leveling up.

You know, as the life goes on, one would leveling up. To keep the game fun, The Developer increase the level of difficulty. But, I know each level is carefully crafted so that I can go through it.

So, I'm learning each days to have what I have to keep moving forward. If I keep thinking about it, I learned a lot from Arthas in the Frozen Throne. He was getting leveled down on each level. His ability was getting shrinked and in the final level, he only could do one thing.

But, we players don't give up. We even try our hardest to get the game done. With awesomeness intact and not typing "who is your daddy".

So, if the ever increasing difficulty fears me down. I remember that this game is having an Administrator to watch over. Some objectives might not in my capacity to fix it. But, as a hacker, I think of something to achieve something within the boundaries of what I have.

Irresponsible Person

The problem of having your job as your idealism, you are prone to sensitivity. I think I should learn how to handle it. Negative comments can make me sulking and hurt my pride.

Nowadays, some young people have degraded manners. They might be spoiled or might have bad experience in their lives. I don't know! But, it is not a wise decision to think all people the same.

It hurt my pride when a person think that I need money to get the job done. Yes, I do getting paid for my job, but I'm already paid for doing my job. I don't need to force other to give me tip or whatsoever.

I know some people in my level expertise are practicing bad thing. But, to have expectation of having all people doing that is bad. How can you expect a system to change when some people within the system that done that being cornered with that prejudice fallacy?

Some people after getting labelled like that unfortunately giving up of becoming honest person. To struggle is hard enough and then they have to face the false accusation. So, why not be that accused?

I struggle to not having that thought. And I think that's one of the factor why people who previously idealists become assholes. Disappointment by others false accusation can lead us to the dark side.

Having idealistic way of lives in the rotten world is like becoming a Berserker. We are in trance and keep swinging our axe with full power and not letting the environment gets us.

As we swinging recklessly, there are things that could have damaged us more than normal mode. That is the word of people. It's bullshit when people said that we don't take the words of other into our heart.

So, yeah, to all of you irresponsible person who like to take prejudice on all people without ever asserting the circumstances:

Congratulation! you might have made some people getting into the dark side.

And to other people, complimenting others can lead to accelerated productivity.

PS: I don't want to make this post feel like I need to be compliment. No! I don't work well with too many compliments.


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