How To Assert Life

Many people would let their w0rld crumble and pity themselves. Many would ended up cursing at something. Through time, their flame worn out and they are only left with lifeless life.

Words have power. It has a power to command consciousness. Consciousness can change the environment. Thus, the universe is rippled.

Choose your words carefully. Every words that may draws negative or positive energy. Words are how the consciousness perceive the world.

When you stepped over a shit, it would naturally categorize as fucked up. But, how's this? Your shit gives you reason to change shoes. It makes you wanted to be in another shoe. When your shoe splatted with those, there may be real friends that show the true friendship by lending you his/her snicker or suggesting or taking you to the nearest pool. The best of it, you may learn to walk not in naivety but more alert at what on the ground.

When things goes bad and the rhyme on our heart start saying the sad state, read the words backward! Fun is that way! Don't torture yourself.


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