To Let The Rock Go

A mob led by wise people of Judaism came to Jesus with a women held captive. They want a justification to stone the women. They also sought the opportunity to have Jesus a wrong judgement. A reason to kill him, or just shattered his name.

He was famous and rebelious at that time. Many wisemen didn't like him. They would love him to make a wrong move.

The women was held because she get captured while having sex with her partner. According to Torah, she should be stoned to death. But, then again Jesus was writing on the ground when they asked him about the women. They talked to him, forced him to make a decision. This Rabi, thought them, should make a move!

Then, Jesus told something:
Those who have no sins may throw the stone.
At first, what he said was ordinary, but I think what he wrote is something that may be made many wisemen from the oldest to walk away. None of them stoned the women. It was never explained what were written.

I think he was writing archaic known to the wisemen that common people wouldn't knew, including his students at the time. Or, he wrote all of the wrong doings that the wisemen done in the past. Or, may be combination of it.

I love this story not because of its religious thing only. This is also my Zen for being pacifist. Like other, I have lust to blame people. I would love to put myself into a righteous being. I love being right and people being wrong. Yes, that's the sinister me.

You see, we love double standard. We often told people that they are wrong. But, when we were shown of what were wrong, we get irritated. We would make a wall high enough to protect us from the critism.

Well, I've realized just now that when we bring judgement to people, we are throwing rocks. Get ready to thrown back. We may not get thrown at first. We may get pass it. But, at a time we eventually get thrown. It hurts like hell!

If we are unable to bring judgement, the hate resides. It is like taking a rock at our hand. As time passes, the hate getting larger. We start to hate many things.

When the time comes the rocks filled both hand. At that time, we can't do anything. What's worse than that a man with hands but unable to use it?

To be able to do something, we must let go the hate. Let go of the rock. Let's do something useful instead!


This blog post is a reminder of myself. No, I'm not a saint. From my reading, you know I don't do well in religion and stuff. I'm a flawed man. But, I'm trying to be a better me.

That's why I love Robbie Williams song, The Better Man. This bastard is trying to repent.

I wish not to put judgement upon others because as I'm flawed, they are too.


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