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As many people with many better things to do, I don't go much often to see the news. As what I've expressed in the past, the media has grown into something nasty. They don't have that sense of responsibility and the quality is deteriorating into the level of gossip column.

I've just got SMS asking about the stance of Christianity. A Moslem friend asked me if the Bible encourage us to support Israel country. Apparently, there is a Jew community that would like to celebrate Israel birthday made it into the news. Because of that, some of uninformed Indonesian making strange conspiracy theory.

Now, for Indonesian people here's a hint about Chrisitianity: Jesus would like to build an Israeli kingdom, but that kingdom is not in earth! Furthermore, it is said in the Bible the new Israeli weren't the descendant of Abraham, but also tribes and nations from all over the world.

If you learned about history, the Israel kingdom was divided into two kingdom: North Israel and Judah. After King Solomon, ten of the tribes liberated themselves into North Israel and his descendant took an altar of the two remaining tribes as Kingdom of Judah, which part of its area were the current Israel.

Both of the kingdom weren't lasted because, according to the Bible, they were sinister. God had enough of their sins and took an oath to banish them from their land. It is said from the Bible that the Messiah would come and gather them. In this particular teaching, we, the Christians, believe that the Messiah has arrived. This differ with mainstream Judaism that still waiting. To them, we are infidels; a cult.

But, even if we are labelled infidels and differ with them, Christians are told not to hate people; even if that person is an enemy. This benevolentness of tender and meek seem making some people into thinking that we are supportive with them.

Do you know that the Christians also support Palestine as a country? Furthermore, the only thing that stands between Israel and Palestinians are the Vatican that protects the Palestinian country.

So, before judging others, why don't we Indonesian take a deep breath and think just for a while and stop generalizing things! None of this world is black or white.

Take a look at a while about this story here. It was written by a Mexican Jew who felt enough about the Zionism and what it's lack of. With that, I can prove you that not all Jew support Zionism. Take a look of this document also that said there was a time where Arabs and Jewish ruled in peace by a Moslem Caliph.

So the problem is:


The current sad state of the Indonesian media is took a part of it. They would make an opinionated what supposed to be a fact article. That's the problem!

Now, before you pointing a finger against the Indonesian Jew community that celebrate other country's independent, I would like to ask you about the same thing: WTH you celebrate the Palestinian independence? Don't your hypocrisy makes a double standard here?

They were wrong to celebrate other country, so do you. You, the people whom into thinking of the Palestinian country as if it was your homeland. You whom take an oath to give something to the Palestinian, instead of doing something about the sorry state of our own brethren in Lapindo

Is it wrong? Not really. They may suffer.

But, IMHO, when other people do the same you point a finger on them. That's double standard. People that put double standard is like taking orgasm over double rainbow. With no particular reason of whatsoever but a phantasm.

So, please, stop this hate! Let them and you and me and others enjoy our lives without hate.

Ah, my blog article is getting biased. So, I stop here. My point is, we are brethren and forever will be even if we have different faith. No hate please.


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Why is it the Indonesian govt.s business how and what people celebrate? When they start telling private individuals what a private group can celebrate, they can ban any religious practice also. Think about it.

    If a Moslem asks about the "stance" of Christianity re Israel, you can safely say it's a stupid question. It's stupid because only countries or individuals may have a political opinion, not religions. It's insane that Moslem Indonesians have allowed the foreign policies of the Arabs to dominate their foreign policy. It's nothing short of cultural imperialism. Think about it.

    Emanuel Appel - a son of Israel

    Emanuel Appel - son of Israel

  2. cardepus6:34 PM

    When a religion be a part of is not a faith is a weapon :P

  3. @anon:

    I don't think it is the government of Indonesia. Some politicians made it as if it was an important matter. You see, many political parties are in struggle of dominance. Many media are in a high pitch against each other. The competition is fierce here.

    That's why, many politicians made a shortcut, which is using religion to promote themselves. Media built their profiles by using controversial topics. That's why I'm getting pissed with the media.

    As my friend, that's actually is a good sign of good will. When you in a a controversial topic, you should get yourself a confirmation. That's the right way. So, my friend was made a best decision. I'm glad he asked.

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    dear Sir,

    In every society, some politician or private person can make his views known. If the media finds it attractive, they'll make a story out of it. That is their job.

    What is not proper is for a section of the government, the police, to immediately give in and deprive people of their basic rights just because someone complains.

    In contrast, Arab citizens of Israel, have the freedom to march to "mourn" the country's Independence day. See the Jerusalem Post issue dated today, 5/14 or Google it. How many Indonesians would stand for that?

    Just because there may be one or two Jews living outside the Land of Israel who are not nationalists is no basis for determining that the majority aren't. They're just renegades.

    Last, your opinions or knowledge of the Jewish people is very incomplete. The Hebrew Bible is not a good basis for opinions re modern politics since the book was written over 2000 years ago. A fair assessment is an Englishman's view - Paul Johnson, "The History fo the Jews".

    Emanuel Appel

  5. @Anonymous:
    It's their job, I know. But, every job have ethics. What they did was against the idea of Indonesian founding fathers: to give equal rights to each person regardless of nationality nor faith (stated on Mukadimah UUD'45).

    The sad thing is, many government officials and police officers done based on what the politicians have said, not the law.

    About renegades:
    That's the decision they made based on their lives. I also happens to know some Jew Rabi also against Zionism (one of them have visit Indonesia). But, I also know about the hardship of Israeli people to have their own lands.

    I respect them all.

    About my knowledge:
    I learned about Great Diaspora from my History class. I read the history of how British wants to give both Palestinians and Israeli land and how it screwed up in the process. About some initializations made by US for peace.

    One of my favorite band is Orphaned Land. I love their song "Sapari". I love their show and how their fan raised banners from many countries. Their notion of peace and respect each other.

    I think you get the idea.

    But, in this post's context I described it from my faith, Christianity. That's why I use the Bible for reference.

    I know language could become a barrier that lead us into misunderstanding. The point of my post was to tell people to respect each other. Don't justify hate.

    I know that's an utopian topic. But, that's not impossible if we try to do it.

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Dear JPmrblood

    Re the media - it's a mistake to think work and ethics are related. They're not. A butcher has no ethics as well as a bus driver. You do what you get paid for and that's all. The only thing the public can do is choose media that suits us and ignore the rest.

    The sign of an orderly State, not a tyranny, is a clear set of rules that all follow including the bureaucracy. Also, the separation of Religion and State is vital. That is what made the West progress after 1648.

    Those States within the Islamic tradition have been backward precisely because of the refusal to separate the two. There may have been attempts by some (Turkey, the Malay States, and Indonesia) to be part of the modern political tradition but they're going backwards.

    It's offensive to me to see a Southeast Asian people enslaved by an Arab religious mindset. If the Dutch came back and made you do things their way, you'd be offended. Why let the Arab?

    It's not this religion or that religion that will let you judge political events clearly. It's an extensive study of Western history and political philosophy.

    Last, it's a mistake to think that strong politics that you call Hate, are neutralized by other emotions like Love and Respect.
    Human beings and nations have needs that conflict periodically. When men fight for their interests, they will use different symbols such as Nationalism, Islam, or Socialism. Love and Respect won't change it.

    In the field of politics, truth and patriotism will conflict with hurt feelings and respect. In the West, "hurt feelings' are used both by Leftists and Moslems to make you shut up, to let them rule undisputed. We will not allow it.

    In English we have two words - respect and courtesy. "Courtesy" is the use of such words as "hello, goodbye, and excuse me" when dealing with our fellow citizens. "Respect" is something which is earned either through admiration or fear.

    In my experience, Respect is what the Arab culture demands but seldom gives. It's too bad that they influence non-Arab Moslems into similar behavior.

    Religion can help you fix yourself. It cannot fix political problems.

    emanuel appel

  7. I don't know about West, but here in Indonesia we were taught ethics in every field. Just recently it got blurry. That's why I'm getting sad with the lack of responsibility of current media.

    Btw, I think you got it wrong. Not all Indonesian Moslem like the idea of oppression. It's just the minority were given the spotlight to talk what they wished for. Many defend minorities.

    If you read the news recently, there is this moslem, Nur Hamid Ketang a.k. Benjamin Kethang, the chairman of IIPAC that wants to restore Israel-Indonesia relationship. Many political leader felt that was unreasonable. That was the reason about this blog entry. About we should honor the decision of the one person.

    About respect and courtesy,

    In Indonesia we have a better wording for that: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, unity in diversity. You could see the Obama's speech about it.

    That's why it saddened me that recently politics don't cling to that word very often.

    I think you should read more about Indonesian culture. We do have deep root in tolerance. Just recently it got trial. And the minority of majority got their voice heard recently.

    About religion and politics:
    Even if the religion were abolished, many crook politicians will have other exploits on their ways to gain power.

    Many Atheists believe that when religion gone, we would get a better world. Take a look at Cultural Revolution at China, Red Revolution on USSR, etc. That's the world where God is not.

    But, then again, we can see each other with respect. That's what matters.

  8. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Dear JP,

    Since you live in Indonesia, I accept your assessment of the majority's feelings re political repression. The problem comes when the majority is passive or doesn't strongly fight the religious bullies or tyrants. Therefore, the organized minority uses the govt. organs to push or ignore outrageous acts ( burning churches, killing or persecuting Ahmadiya Moslems, etc).

    Look at Indonesia in 1946. It was a world where nationalism, not religion, was important. How did this change happen? When the Arab Moslems found that Marxism didn't give them victory against the Jews, when Arab secular nationalism didn't give them victory against the Jews, they turned( in the 1970's) to a vicious form of Islam as found in Iran or the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood. It is these groups that have been introduced into Indonesia.

    The antidote is secular patriotism/nationalism.

    When you cite anti-nationalist Jews, aren't doing something unnatural? This is a tactic that the Arabs learned from the Russian propaganda apparatus. They, the Russians, used Soviet Communist Jews that had no national base to betray the bulk of Jewry.
    Are there any Indonesian religious or secular figures that would come out for the break-up of the Indonesian State and the return of the Dutch? Perhaps, but I've not read of any. So why use Jewish traitors?

    I am like the Overseas Chinese. I'm a Jew that lives in the US but I'm a friend of Israel. I'm part of a Jewish nation that is older than the Moslems by at least 1000 years. Yet they try to erase us as they have many other nations as part of their religious imperialism. It is our nationalism that clashes with their religious imperialism. We will not be their subjects.

    The proper position for any Malay ( Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino) is that the Arab/Israeli conflict is not our business and that normal political relations should be established. Trust me, most Indonesian Moslems would quickly find the Arab distasteful once religion is removed as a common point.

    If you'd like to inform yourself more re Israel post Jesus, see this website

    thanks for your patience

    emanuel appel

  9. @Anonymous:
    I'm living in a country where all ideologies live peacefully (once). So, yeah, my environment were bound with many diversity and loving each other. I had seen the Jew Rabi that against Zionism. I also have spoken with a Levi that encouraged us Christians to help Israel. Both have fascinating thoughts.

    I'm also have Arab and Chinese friends here. We are more diverse and melted than what the media describe. That's what I mourned. These media are getting out of hand.

    I don't believe all Arabs are evil. What you meant was probably the Wahabians. Yeah, they have a sick thought! I think they were the one that influence people to do bad things here.

    Then again, I don't want to getting in these mess; of all the past Fatwas, the (sorry) Holocaust, the Palestinian banned from works, conflict of interests, and so on. Why would my country be a part of it? These proxy wars is what I concern and the media seems like to make Indonesia into one of them.

    If the media can't take their code of honor (here in Indonesia we have that), then what holds tomorrow would be gruesome. That's what I'm afraid of.

    As I stated earlier, all these hate is exaggerating. Can't we just try to communicate each other? Try to understand each other? I know it hurts but will getting more if we don't.

    Then again, those statements are utopia. Unless, we starts doing something about it. That's why I'm grateful that my Moslem friend double check to me.

    Btw, all of these are my thought of living in a country where we once lived peace with each other. With many people I've met, I got many enlightening thoughts. All have suffer in their own ways. That's why I don't believe in hating *anyone* would bring goodness.

    That's my thought. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

    I've used the internet newsgroups covering all countries across North Africa across Asia to Indonesia. I may have met 5 Moslems that could write clearly out of hundreds. The rest were just propaganda puppets of those you call "Wahabis".

    Remember - separate religion from the State. Don't allow the State to get involved in political fights ( the Arab/ Israeli struggle)that is not their business like your neighbor Malaysia under Mahathir.

    Remember how your independence struggle did not depend on religious fights but on all to pull together.

    Goodbye and good luck

    emanuel appel


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