Why They Would Make Such?

In my bored, unmotivated, and timid times, I've found myself watching Anime or reading a visual novel as a way to get away with the feeling. In the past, I would chose the laughter and cheezy themes. But, IMHO, the visual novel industry is gradually become less in term of quality. Many panty shot, moe, and any fan-services made me realize that the titles become less interesting to read.

Well, out of the blue, this week I watched a first episode of Elfen Lied. I discontented with the anime and not watched it fully. Then, I began to search and read the visual novel (or comic for some of ignorant). Long story short, it was not the best ending, yet this is sorrowful.

Then, today I read about 5 Centimeters Per Second. As I search for information about it, I've found out that it has many awards on many film festivals. In other words, that was another Film Festival-type story.


I don't like Film Festival-type story, most of them are tragics. I felt the despair on the story. Usually, I would blogged the story and made some interesting things that popped from my analytical mind. But, recently I'm not in that mode; doing research on human behavior based on the anime/visual novel theme I watch. Nowadays, I just want to have some fun and see the movie as a fun.

The both stories, Elfen Lied and 5 Centimeters, have sucessfully making me in discontent. Now I officially full of "what if" thought. This "what if" mode would made me analyzing for every person that I met. It is fun when you have nothing to do. But, I don't like to analyze people. They tend to hide their obvious wounds.

Well, next time I must be careful for selecting stories. Now I'm trying to find a good light story to uplifting my spirit. *SIGH*


  1. Kunderemp2:21 PM

    looking festival-type yet happy ending?

    1. Young People Fucking;
    2. Marie and Jack: Hardcore Love Story.

    How about watching Cartoon (not Anime) e.g. All Star Superman? Tale of Desperaux?

    Or perhaps re-watching Big Bang Theory Show.

  2. that explain why you acted kinda weird lately :) why don't we go out karaokeing sooner? i missed that stupid session with you, dude.. and please, this time no "ME STORY" again. i'm tired of complaining, i guess :D


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