Two Mistery of Relationship Unravelled

After watching FTV - you know, the cheesy sometimes plagiating from foreign easy going movie - I have learned this:
  1. Girls are easy to fall in the hands of men. Don't touch her casually, if not you would touch her heart too.
  2. Girls are easy prey to kind words. Don't flatter her casually, if not you would flatter her heart also.
A hard lesson, indeed! I wish I have saw the movies and learn the truth myself. After the thought of it, I was careless to let many have fallen. Like many men, I don't think of the devastating effect of embracing someone.

I thought, we're buds, a lad in laught, what harm is it to share skinships? I know that men and women distinctively built upon. But, I thought that was because of the culture. So, I thought if we are of we are, we would just be us, friends.

Well, part of my fault may be because I was learning humanity not as a whole. What I learned that we built relationship in order to have peace in each other. In order to have good relationship, I attained the knowledge of how human can reach each other in honesty. So, I learned to be honest.

When a girl try her best to dress herself, I think it's a good wisdom to show gratitude and saying:
"What a lovely way you have made yourself."
"I think you are better in [NAME MY CRITISMS HERE] but I like how you are."

And because I love to see women in their natural traits -- i.e. without those scary makeups that make them like Kabuki players -- I would love to say that:
"I think you are better without make ups."
"You are good at the way you are."

I do like them best with their natural look. I don't like the heavy make ups type. It's as if they wearing a mask. Furthermore, their skins are crying for help. They died faster and wrinkled. Such a waste.

The other thing is, I can read their facial face easily so I can detect mood swing. I don't have the ability to jazz when something unpredictable happens. All are calculated, so I can make peace with other human.

I wish we could be happy, all of us. I hate to disappoint people. To hurt people is the least that I would care to do. So, I think flattery and honesty are ways to go.

But, thanks to that darn Bruno Mars, I am in hesitant to say the truth. He made the song as if the words were cheesy. I do believe in what I said and I said sincerely; without hidden agenda or whatsoever.

I learn a lot from Open Hartig and the moral of it. From the statistics of history and stories ranging from fairy tail to drama, I think saying the words from your heart and try to be open is something that I choose to be.

I know I have the skill to be sly. With my intellegence and things that I have, I can be someone that deceitful. But, no, I thank God that I have chose of not being one. I believe the hidden secret of being Open Hartig.

Oh, btw, have you read the story yet? I can't search for it, but it was a story from my high school year in Bahasa Indonesia class.

Have you ever have a person who trust you? Everyone is on their own motives. All is take and give (but with the minimal give and maximum take). Now, suppose there is this person whom believe in you, and you let that one down. Don't you actually kill yourself?

Can you be happy with that? Being someone who betrays someone.

My trying of being open and sincere is good so far. I don't need to hide any conviction nor be in the situation of being suspected. I know that some would use an open heart, but I'm not that naive. I have a potent to be sly, though I don't want to be one. A political move or two sometimes needed to obtain peace with each other.

Anyway, why does being open makes you misterious? I know that women loves misterious men, but I don't think I'm one of them. But, why some of them think that I am?

Well, casualties of the past can't be undone. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong. I think I should watch those drama even more. It really an eye opener. I would not make wrong move. I am not a playboy nor want to be one. I have sisters and it would break a heart of mine if a pig men playing heart on one of those.

Anyway, I can't blame how to relate with humans differ from computer, even computer too have random bits sometimes. Even though they have error correction code, the IEEE number format also have its shortcomings. Random jitter in computer clocks also have its effect. Even the predictable computer sometimes result in unattended.

Thus, I need to learn more to blend in. I just need to learn more about human relationship. Starting from understanding to have friends with men and women. May be one day I would understand how love relationship works.

Until then, what a long journey to understand what love is.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    jepe pleiboi..

    btw kebanyakan nonton sinetron gak baik buat perkembangan mental :P



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