A Milestone

We are not the people of tomorrow. We are the people of today. We decide tomorrow. We have a big dream. Too big to handle.

We divide the dream into milestones. We divide and conquer. Just like a functional programming thing, they divide the problem into sub problems. Then return the answer from sub problems. They were combined to provide a result. The result, thus, an answer for our big dream.

We are vastly superior than a machine. We have heuristic function on the each of the sub process. We evaluate the function and adjusting it into the demand.

Unfortunately, as we evaluate the function, which is our way to achieve dream. We often reallocate our objective, namely dream, into other sector. We often confused by the real dream and the thing we think we are supposed to achieve.

We waver at our big goal because of waves compromises. As we sail, we got stormy nights. Things that make our crews think that the captain is insane. Just like when Columbus started to be doubted by his crews in a journey to the end of the world.

Suddenly, we are at this port. Where people are fascinated by our being. Where people think highly of us. We can sell as high as we desire the goods. As a merchant, we are so good.

Then, we stop sailing and stayed.


Have we forgotten that the place was just a transit? A milestone is not the final destination. But, people quit their destination easily. Swayed by comfort zones. Until one day they realize, they were wrong and live with regret ever since.


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