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Boy, oh, boy, what a bad week. There is this slaughtering against Ahmadiyah. Then, three churches burnt in Temanggung. The worst of all, Kompasiana deleted "Agama" section.

I said the last one as the worst part is because it is the worst of all. Censoring all the stuff hidden without people knowing is like a time bomb. We don't know how people opinied about anything, especially things where common ground is should be established, i.e. religion.

I think the way people think now is becoming more immature. Why do people live in false pretense that everything is alright when everything isn't?

IMHO, let people tell what on their hearts and make it an indicator of how far we are being misled. Those crocks, I mean radical religious leaders, often spoke ill things to their follower. These ill things would led us to think that there is someone need to be "fixed".

I mean, what is tolerance?

I still dislike Islam and think it is a heretic religion, just like Mormons and Jehovah Witness. I also dislike Budhism, Taoism, and all other religions. I only believes in Jesus as the only Savior and King and God, which opposing the Atheism who don't believe in the existence of God. I believe in speaking tongue, which the Lutherans (HKBP, GKI, etc.) find it as an act of heresy. All of that's because I am a Penteucost and choose it as an ultimate truth.


I don't burn mosque. I don't point a finger to a Lutheran of how they baptist people. Heck, I give all my service to all of the non-believers as if they were the same as mine. I talk to a penteucost the same as non. I don't spit on atheists. All in all, I do mind when people not being a penteucost, but I don't stuck my believe in their head forcefully.

You see, I do believe that Almighty God is real. That's why I think God knows how to take care of Himself. He didn't want me to kill, so I should not kill.


That's tolerance for me. I still think my religious believe is the right one. But, I don't go forcefully attacking others. I acknowledge the differences between believes but not the people. We have our own ways of thinking.

Heck, if I forcefully attacking people with my ideal, I think people in my own church already dead. Especially people that using politics, people that not that into God, and people that annoying to me. I would even be dead if someone also decided to say that a Liberalist should have no place in church.

Speaking of which, what is religion, anyway?

I still believe that religion is a word derrived from religio, which rooted from the word religere which means to tie back. Man which were sinned tied back into God. The deeper meaning talks about individual merits. I as a person should be bonded back into God. Not as a community, but I as a person must have my way back into God.

That's what religion is supposed to. Religion was never a mass produce philosophical view. It was needed to be an individual way of thinking. It helps each individual finds himself/herself at peace. It was like a food for the soul.

The word religere also talks about other besides God. It also speaks of how we should interact with each other. It speaks of how we should be talking with each other in respect. We would go anywhere and find the common sense out of it. That is: people need to respect each other. Thus, peace. That's what common religion that I know of taught its people.

In ancient religions, we also have people who believe in mother nature and spirits of things. This wisdom lead people to use resources from nature wisely. That's why the people of native never disturb nature. They would honour some places. In Christian's Old Testament, The Almighty God also gives the responsibility to Adam and Eve to take care of the world.

So, when you talk about religion, it should not just about God and relationship with other humans. But it also strictly speaking of how you would take the nature. It would talk about how to balance things way around. That's why all religion that I know of would say greedy as a wrong thing.

I'm confused, what are you trying to say when bringing etymology stuff?

Religion is a philosophy that teach each individual of how to honor God, other people, and nature.

So, my guess is there is something fucked up in the process of training those poor souls that they miss the point of being religious. Oh, I think there are people benefitting from this misconduct. Meh, religion just a tool anyway. :sad:


  1. Ramot9:25 AM

    Then, three churches burned
    -> three churches were burnt.


  2. Weks .. kompasiana juga toh :p

    Dapat link blog ini dari Komunitas UI (silence reader LOL), terus udah jalan2 ke blog mass (bang Jan?) yg satu lagi, sm blog teman2 lain hihihihhi

    Salam dr FH UI :)

  3. @Linda:
    Cuma ngikutin Kompasiana saja kadang-kadang...


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