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INHERENT, DIKTI's project of connecting universities in Indonesia. Start out as a single project but now part of Jardiknas (Jaringan Pendidikan Nasional, or National Education Network). In my personal view, I as other employee of Indonesian universities, lack of understanding of what it is and its benefit. Yeah, it's been a while the program running.

So, what's the big deal?

Internet never been a better place if not many of universities in USA joining their network together. Many technologies also arise from the Internet and those freely available to download are products from those universities. Yes, it's not the official universities, but creation from individuals. But, the network is there to support them.

INHERENT should take that path. Indeed, it has the hive of taking the liberty of synchronizing all mirror across universities and enabling them to be downloaded. It also has been a platform for teleconference and IP Telephony.

What's the problem then?

It has not been a platform for students across universities to talk other than download. The content between universities have been better because they never really provide any dynamic contents that many students can join in.

So, yes, basically the problem is its lack of content.

Hopefully I would able to point these on the presentation tomorrow.


  1. presentasi di mana lu? acara apaan?

  2. Di Bandung, workshop inherent diajak Pak Adhi.


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