Hello Amarok

Sorry for the delay of making this post. I've found in my synaptic (configured for Debian Experimental), we have Amarok 2.0. Yay!

In my conclusion, I'm amazed how Amarok guys (and gals) provide drastic measure against bug. I guess they splat juices on bugs. :D

In Amarok 2 beta2, the annoying bug is stability. Well, now I have a stable Amarok 2.0. Crao! Here's the list of change in my experience:

  • Alpha2: Pretty, abandoned to JuK (which I abandoned with my vast collection of over the years of albums). Crashed when using dynamic mode. 
  • Beta1: Pretty, sometimes crashed on dynamic mode. Rebuilt takes amount of times. Lost all my album pics. Shakier grouping than the alpha, made some songs ungroup.
  • Beta2: Pretty, stable on dynamic mode, Error when I don't connected into the Internet.
  • 2.0: Pretty and damn rock solid! Well, it's just work for me.

What is my setup?

  • Debian Unstable/Experimental
  • KDE 4 from Experimental
  • Storage: NFS, local harddisk
  • Services: Last.FM (couldn't live without it)

I was using Samba, but it has serious flaw on renaming. Oh, btw, I miss the ability of Amarok 1 of mass renaming. I guess it's because of the GUI overhaul. The good ol' Amarok uses table view and the new one uses group based. It comes with drawbacks like renaming my songs a little bit shakier. I even managed to screw songs from other track because of the automatic grouping in the past/beta version.

Oh, well, Sound Juicer may not have it (because the CDs are local songs). But, Ex Falso really have the trick done. So, I'm quite happy.

One thing for sure, the scanning took less time now, in fact significantly reduced time on scanning. Yet another great works from FOSS people. Congrats!


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