Faraday was once challenged by a lady about the goodness of studying electromagnetic. At the time, such field was absurd and not so obvious as today. It was an imagination at that time. So, how would it good for a cause?

Then, Faraday asked the lady back, "what is the goodness of nurturing a baby. It can't walk, it can't do anything, yet."

If you asked me, what is the goodness of an open source project.
If you asked me, what is the goodness of struggling.
If you asked me, what is the goodness of you.
If you asked me, what is the goodness of the inferior.
If you asked me, what is the meaning of life.

You know the answer, right?
An article "Reasons to stick with Windows Vista and avoid Ubuntu" by Jonathan Schlaffer, one of Vista evangelist, have an interesting point: installing hassle free OS. Installing GNU/Linux Ubuntu system is sometimes not a trivial matter, especially when you want advances which differentiate GNU/Linux from another system.

For example, when we try to install a composite manager, we must edit some settings and install non-standard packages. This is different from Vista which we just have to download the necessity and let Vista rocks. This is even far more different from Mac which already built-in. Why 10+ years of GNU/Linux cannot create such descent installer? Why can't we see professional user interface for idiots?

Well, there are few things we must consider:

Clashing Ideologies

GNU/Linux is an OS with clashing ideologies. This is true due to nature that GNU framework (yes, the thing that uses linux kernel and most of your system dependent with) is created to have liberation of software usage, or in other word, it was created to fight commercial proprietary applications.

We may see many companies goes open source and some even comes with full support and donations, but not all of them are. Those who don't and with their EULA (read: the one that you choose "I agree" without noticing of giving your soul to the devil) makes a wall which FOSS supporters cannot come in and utilizing their products.

This barrier also making GNU/Linux distributor like Ubuntu cannot distribute the proprietary product due to some countries law (Okay, I know, it's just US) forbids them. Some countries (yes, yes, just US) even have algorithm patent which make an open source implementation cannot be exported nor considered as legal, which unfortunately make the product cannot be included in the standard package. Although, there are some important technology included in the standard package because of the patent holder is a faithful open source supporter (e.g. IBM) or they just a don't care one with a friendly attitude (e.g. Apple on TTF font hinting).

Fast Pace Development
We always heard FOSS people bragging about the fast update available when a security hole found. In a few minutes after its broadcast, critical bug find their doom in the new minor incremental update of a FOSS software. This amazing thing about FOSS is one of the feature of FOSS software that makes people who care about security make a crossover.

This feature, however, cannot be synchronized with the packaging business. The too fast arrival of a new product makes them cannot be packaged and distributed as fast as it comes. There are delays to make a new update comes (although the delay not that late).

Another thing about the fast pace is the ALPHA brand to a technology, e.g. Compiz. In FOSS, an alpha software doesn't mean that the software is unusable. It sometimes means the software is full of technological preview. The geek terms means the software architecture is not determined yet so it may and possibly would always change significantly. Compatibility is not an issue to be concerned with. The developers just try to make the thing shines and creative.

But, this compatibility issue makes the rest of the world in two stance. The first stance is the enthusiast whom would accept their system at high failure risk and contribute time to update regularly. The later stance is the people with Q/A standard whom would prefer a stable/non-changing API/ABI and standard technology.

Now, our dear distributor apparently is one of the Q/A people which is absolutely right when it comes to deliver great softwares. But, this would make them to throw almost new technology away. Even if it is included, it would consider as alpha and will not be supported until it becomes a stable one.

So, when you comes to GNU/Linux or to FOSS world, bare in minds that there are two things important: "clashing ideologies" and "fast pace development". In my opinion, the clashing ideologies is the main problem of most of FOSS software out there.
ViM manual:

ViM RegEx:

ViM Tips:
#> Delete all empty lines
:g/^$/ d
Terinspirasi oleh blog Narpati (a.k.a. Kunderemp Nardjito).

Anda mungkin sudah terbujur kaku di makam yang hanya segelintir orang tahu.Bersama dengan puluhan, ratusan, ribuan, bahkan mungkin berlaksa jasad tak bernama yang keberadaannya tidak lagi diketahui. Namun, apakah Anda tersenyum di atas sana? Apakah Anda dan mereka yang mulia lainnya senantiasa melihat?

Apakah Anda puas, wahai belulang tak bernama?
Apakah Anda puas ketika dengan bambu runcing Anda rela menghadapi senapan otomatis?
Apakah Anda puas terbujur kaku tanpa ada penerus genetis?
Apakah Anda puas ketika Anda mati sambil melihat anggota badan berserakan?

Mereka bilang generasi patriotik telah lama mati di tangan revolver dan hanya tinggal generasi yang tak tahu terima kasih. Mereka bilang, Indonesia sudah tidak relevan lagi. Bahasa tak lagi dijunjung, Sang Saka tak lagi berkibar dengan megah dipenuhi kebanggaan oleh orang-orang di dalam naunganny, dan si Ibu buta telah diakali neracanya.

Mereka bilang tongkat estafet itu telah lama terjatuh.Pendidikan sudah menjadi industri. Perfilman sudah menjadi ajang aji mumpung. Jurnalisme sudah tak beda dengan koran kuning. Tak ada lagi yang mengetahui bahwa kita sedang berlari.

Mereka bilang kami sudah lupa bahwa kekayaan yang kini kami miliki dibangun di atas penderitaan dan kematian. Pekerjaan yang layak, tanah yang dapat dihuni, dan pendidikan yang dapat dikecap itu semua berasal dari tangan-tangan yang berlumuran dan dan raga yang berpeluhkan darah.

Mereka bilang kami tinggal tunggu tanggal mainnya.


Kami juga sedang berjuang, dengan perangkat lunak bebas. Bukan melawan kedigjayaan sebuah korporasi. Bukan melawan komesialisasi dan kapitalisasi. Bahkan, ini bukan ego kami untuk diremehkan.

Kami berjuang untuk melawan sebuah pemikiran bahwa bangsa ini tidak mampu menghasilkan sesuatu. Kami berjuang untuk pembuktian bahwa bangsa ini juga mampu.
By default root doesn't have Bash Completion. A regular user do. To activate the Bash Completion you just run:

# source /etc/bash_completion
# . /etc/bash_completion

Bash Completion is a neat feature of today's Bash, a command prompt/command line/shell of GNU. If you type anything in that shell and then you press [TAB] button, it would show all the possible command corresponding to the characters typed.

E.g. in a terminal I write:

# ed[TAB]

it would output:

ed edit editcap editdiff editor editres edje_cc edje_decc edje_recc edje_viewer

It means I have those applications in the path.

The advance of Bash Completion can also provide any parameters available for most of the known program.

E.g. I would to know what is the parameter of apt-get:

# apt-get [TAB]
autoclean check dist-upgrade install source upgrade
build-dep clean dselect-upgrade remove update

Not only that, I can also know which application in apt-get for me to install/remove.

# apt-get install [TAB]
Display all 29006 possibilities? (y or n)

Of course, it would ask first if the alternatives are abundant. You don't want to see those 29006 alternatives to show don't you?

Have fun.
I have E-17 with bling module enabled. They seems to work perfect, but recently become unstable. Fortunately I have ttyN to switch and kill. But, it seems they always become defuncts.

You cannot kill already dead process. It seems they become restless souls wandering... (Spooky..) :P
But, you could let them go to heaven by killing their parent.

# pstree
# ps afx

find any defunct process (don't forget to see their process id) and then kill all the process that not defunct.

# kill -9 141411
# killall -9 enlightenment

In my case, wait for few minutes/hours, then it would be cleaned up.

Hooray for the long dead OCF. Just to delete the non existing card reader in Windows - of course GNU/Linux wouldn't have that kind of problem which makes me unaware of it GRRR... - you must open regedit:
Start -> run -> regedit.exe

And find those ghost readers in:


Well, I just unplugged all of my card reader and delete all.

Damn! hours of hard debug and the problem is this? Btw, sorry for anyone who ym me today. This is my hectic day, ever!

Reference: (Of course, I'm not a plagiarist)
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How do you fall in love?

Well, you see the goodness, something that makes you want to be with the one.

Now, the damn tough question that makes me wonder:

What part of the girl that makes you fall in love?

It's been many years and I cannot answer this question. If I tried to ask someone else, they have two answers: smiles at me and think I only making joke around and the second one is, well, dunno if this is an answer: "Yah gitu, deh, Pe. Lo pasti bisa rasain." or the kinda answer that only Einstein could know. Well, the problem is, I'm not joking around.

It's hard to me to find what part of a woman would interest me. Sure, they have a good face, but that actually wont last long. Becomes 30 and expired. I even feel strange with makeups. And even if you want to know, my skin is more soft than any ordinary woman (Hehehehe...).

If you have ever have a, let's say, a high-end gaming PC or a server. It would cost you only 10% of its value to your maintenance cost. The cost may or may not be spend and you would find savings from the budget. The infrastructure (PC or server) would have a justified cost and with reasonable amount of time maintenance - you can even schedule the maintenance.

Now, if a server broke down, you would have a spare part and if you can't afford a downtime, you could have a hot backup. That would be a discovery plan and highly advisable.

Compare that to have a woman. Its maintenance cost would be undetermined and the backup would be highly inadvisable. You even don't know when it needs to be scheduled. Sure, you could have your precious (the only time when you could have a rest) Saturday just to maintain it. How many hours you may spend on the time to having phone conversation. Not only that, how many cpu cycles it would stole for you to think about it?

Doh, the background sound is Bad English. What an irony... -_-'

Btw, if I bring this like RJ45 relationship, I'm not twisted like J*s or J*prih. But, if I think of straight, I'm not also in the mood. So, am I the 802.11 one? Or I just a disconnected?

Aarggghhh... the song is The Bangles. More irony... -_-'

I think I'd stop here.
Kalo di Fasilkom, sih, Pak Stef tentunya. Tapi, gw merasa setiap dosen memiliki kekhasannya tersendiri dan gw rasa gak ada dosen yang gak layak. Paling dosen *PEEP* yang gak bisa ngajar. Tapi, gw ada salut juga sama dia. Pas ngajar mata kuliah *PEEP*, gw salut abis. Dia menguasai bahan dan menjelaskan dengan luar biasa. Mungkin, dia dewa untuk satu mata kuliah saja. Istilahnya, kayak di RPG, dia semacam suatu tribe langka dengan trait khusus.

Tapi, lucu juga adek gw,
mind@adekGue # cat /etc/inittab | grep getty
1:12345:respawn:/bin/getty JP ISI SIAKNG
Kok, ngisi IRS kayak bursa saham aja, cepet2an beli dan jual. Akhirnya:
mind@jp # dmesg | grep SIAK
[OOPS] invalid handler. Gak ngerti ngisinya.

mind@jp # sudo rmmod isi_irs

mind@jp # sudo apt-get install isi_irs-kernel-module-source
Reading package list... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Package isi_irs-kernel-module-source is not available but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source.
However the following packages replace it:
E: isi_irs-kernel-module-source has no installation candidate.
Ya sudah, gw gak bisa. Ntar gw pelajari lagi, deh, sistem SiakNG-nya. Musti apt-get dist-upgrade. :P

Anyway selamat mengejar mata kuliah dengan dosen favorit. Buat gw, zaman itu sudah obsolete. Ah, jadi pengen maen Civ 4, tapi sayang lagi ada proyek mesti kelar....
Mas Kumis kembali melakukan blunder dalam menerbitkan hasil temuan. Padahal, sesuai dengan kaidah ilmiah, Beliau seharusnya melakukan verifikasi dan memastikan bahwa hasil karya orang lain yang di-quote harus disebut. Trus, akhirnya banyak klaim dari orang-orang yang bikin muka si Mas memerah.

Tapi,dari sisi positifnya si Mas telah membuat suatu gebrakan yang luar biasa, mengingatkan akan pentingnya suatu nilai bangsa yang luntur, yakni Lagu Kebangsaan kita.

Kita tau tuh video ud nyangsang di YouTube sejak Desember 2006. Tapi, kita baru menontonnya setelah si Mas dgn beraninya menyatakan afiliasi dengan suatu tim yang gak ngerasa.

Coba, sejak berapa lama kita sudah tak lagi menyanyikan lagu KEBANGSAAN kita? Sudah berapa lama kita tak lagi menghormati SANG SAKA?

Semoga dengan kasus ini kita bisa bercermin untuk belajar akan diri sendiri.

PS: Si Mas bole, nih, bikin polemiknya. Gw jadi tersentak waktu melihat para pemuda tersebut berjalan bangga walau topless dan senjata seadanya.
Andy Mckee gilaaaaa....

Keren abis....
Dear GNU/Linux user, please get yourself counted in this site:


This project was created in order to show GNU/Linux users and one of early GNU/Linux Campaign. Enjoy. :)
If gold were dust and platinum just lump, then your life would be the air. Why would you waste it?
Watch out for reuse. It creates a great benefit of making an optimal solution, you can cut down resource usage and have decoupling exercised. But, there's time where the nightmare comes which when one of your comrade change the API of one particular component and making more than one of your mission-critical applications.

Well done! Congratulation! You have made your organization stop functioning. ;(


Apakah yang membuat orang ingin membaca suatu wacana? Tentunya sebuah judul yang terpampang. Tulisan yang dibuat menonjol dengan besar huruf dan ketebalan yang lebih dibandingkan dengan tulisan isi ini merupakan sebuah representasi dari tulisan yang terkandung di dalamnya.

Apakah sebuah judul?

Menurut pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia yang saya dapat, judul adalah sebuah frasa/penggalan kalimat.Contoh dari judul:

# Sebuah Pagi yang Cerah
# Hancurnya Surau Kami
# Harimau Di Tengah-tengah Kucing Garong

Nah, kalo kata koran Lampu Merah, judul adalah sebuah kalimat kompleks dan kadang nyaris kayak paragraf yang ngejelasin isinya supaya gak perlu baca semua.

# Pulang Gak Dapet Uang, Nemu Bini Selingkuh, Eh, Marah, Bini Dihajar Mati.
# Salah Naro Anunya, Si Kakek Malah Bikin Anak, Si Cucu Lapor, Emaknya Naek Pitam dan Si Kakek Mati Digebuk Massa.
# Pulang Sekolah Gak Langsung Ke Rumah, Ketemu Gerombolan Pelajar Dari Sekolah Laen, Eh Kejebak Tawuran, Mati, Deh...

Sekarang, mana yang benar?

Kalau menurut peraturan negara ini, judul adalah sebuah frasa. Tetapi, kalau menurut statistik penjualan, judul adalah sebuah kalimat kompleks.

Jadi, apakah judul sebuah definisi resmi atau sebuah definisi populer?