My Desktop

After discover the hidden treasure of cool repositories, my desktop is full of blink-blink:
- Adobe Acrobat 8
- Adobe Flash 9
- Compiz Fusion 0.5.5
- Opera 9

But, the most valuable thing goes into my account is the new Oxygen theme for KDE4. I admit, it is the best ever damn sleek theme I'd ever see. It's full of originality. Btw, the desktop is Gnome and the Oxygen theme is from the repo. Well, you could go into the and download it yourself.

To get this all, just go to the and download *NixStyle-NG. Then, you could enable hidden repo from there. Or, you could just search them yourself.

Well, here are the screenshots:


  1. Gue masih belum berani mencoba desktop2 fancy.... masih konservatif dulu ah...


    (komputer gue kuat atau tidak yah?)

  2. Kalo pake nVIDIA atau Centrino, mah, santai aja masangnya. ATi masih rada susah.


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