Where This Nation Goes?

There are two powerful elements that make a nation formidable, one is nationalism and second is the education.

Nationalism is born out of the love and the feeling of belonging to a nation. Those desire a dream of a strong concept of an organization of people called a country.

How can people be fond of their nation when they are treated not equal? The West Hindia Administration once have made clusters of people. The first class is the Europeans, the second class is the comers (Indians, Chinese, etc), and the last, the Sudra, the Inlander.

This is right at the time, West Hindia was one of Netherland's colony. They have the right to be wrong. They have the politic of "Divide et Impera", divide the country in order to conquest/rule properly.

But, why our government, starting with Soekarno and sadly until now, making the same mistake?

I don't like my fellow countrymen have to have crippled rights. Let's think about it! Although they may only have been here by six to seven generations, they should be considered an inlander already. This country, Indonesia, just only aged at three generations at most. So, when the full nation at arms, their grandfathers (and grandma) defend their great great grandfathers' home. This means they also participated and lived in the same nation and in the same fate for the liberation of their inherited lands (and sea).

For God's sake, just let them have the same ID as ours, because they are us too!

Let we love our Indonesia for she is ours. Let we love her products and take it for content.

Alas, what about education???

Remember this, there would be eruption of chaos 5 years from now on. There would be a riot triggered suddenly and you, YES, YOU, are the one causing it.

When you have close the door of education, you have make people loosing the right to do the right thing, which in the end they only have the alternative of choosing the greedy algorithm.

Those greed will erupted and you may have no change to escape because you are in the middle of riot and you cannot go to the airport because of the streets full of people trying to exist.

Yeah, enjoy your corruption, high fees, different outfit each semester, and different text book each year. But, remember those are the grave you have put into yourselves and your children.

Ah males gw....


  1. What's goin' on?

    I runaway from everything and everyone in the last two weeks ( including DJMR, Pak Stef, Pak Edmon ) so I don't know the latest news.

  2. Well, nothing is going on! And that's a problem.


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