What Do You Know About It?

What do you know about faith? Sometimes it bothers me when people try to judge others from their point of view. Well, I know I do too, but, that's not something that should be accustomed to.

For those who force their believe over right divinity, I challenge you, did you ever face God? Have you ever done any miracle? Have you ever went to heaven and hell?

Is the concept of God really even exists? Is there a place call hell?

There is none that can be done to justify any scriptures 100% original or true. This is because almost all major religion today came in ancient time more than 1000 years, so no real witness. Any escavation would seems insufficient because of the deteriotating evidences over time. We can only have pieces.

You cannot prove God through science. These are the reason why scientific community tend to ban God from community:
  1. God works have no scientific ground as base theory. We can only see the end result without ever knowing where it comes from.
  2. The paper God wrote have no references from any scientific. So, it's hard to justify where the real idea is.
  3. Any scientist cannot perform the original works that God proclaim done. This is the opposite of any scientific discoveries which can be done by others to clarify the truth.
So, you out there trying to disbelieve other beliefs by force, don't be. You can convince people but not by forcing them. As disciple of God, you should have a real heavy burden. You must have just life and a sincere heart. You must prove that God is God.

All of the truths are just perceptions and final judgements. Those are something that people want to believe to be accepted as their mind digest.

So, what is right and what is wrong?

Is working in a night club is a sin? How can you say that every people that in the disco is sinful? Doesn't we the sinner? We, that have so many opportunity yet only try to enrich ourselves, care only to do our own living. Those who only know how to walk in darkness, how can they be judge because of something that they didn't even know?

How many people have the opportunity to go to college? How many people to have descent parents? How many people have good environment and friendly neighbours? How many people have the change to have their own dreams? How many people have dreams?

It takes hundreds of million of years to have fossils but we consume it in only 200 years. There are years taken to have a view, but we torn it in months. It takes many million years to have this earth but we desecrate it in, let's say, 200 to 300 years?

Is that what you call powerful?


  1. kali ini kurang dalam jep... mungkin karena gue juga udah punya pemikiran yang sama kali ya..

  2. @ramot:
    Abis, ada yang protes gak ngerti. Jadi, gw agak cetekin dikit. Apalagi, tema ini ud pernah tercatat di beberapa entri sebelumnya.


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