What A Day

What a beautiful day today.

I have finished watching the whole episodes of Heroes. The one that kept in my heart is the Claire father's sacrifice. OMG, Claire didn't even know what hit her and when she found out about her father, she distrusted him. But, what a father! Although his Claire Bear betrayed him, he still risked his life for her cause. Like what the Haitian said, you could never understand the level of sacrifice.

The thing that touched me so much is in the bridge when Claire's father tried to save her though she didn't see that sacrifice. Amazing how parent's love could be.

Good news of Kambing, today it doesn't have any rsync error. What a relief! Now, I can concentrate on other things.

Well, today is the day to get some research of smartcard specification. Well, CBC, KMC, H-MAC, C-MAC, DES3, INITIALIZE UPDATE, etc, here I come.


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