Don't Look Up (2021)

Don't Look Up is a Netflix movie full of Oscar-winning actors. A Professor and his student found out about a comet that would hit the earth in 6 months. They begin their quest to inform the authority including the US president and all of the world.

It's a fun dark comedy that poke at current post-COVID situation. Although, to be fair, the movie was supposed to be a commentary about climate change. But, this also applied to the COVID saga that's being going on in the world.

In the era of Internet, we are bombarded by unlimited information that we build ourselves filters to guard around that. Misinformation, however, is a great commodity right now because even with the interconnected world, still live in the bubbles. We are as what the kid from sixth sense said about ghost: "only want to see and hear what we want to see and hear".

Yeah, it's a good movie showcased how science, even confirmed one, can be annulled by ignorance and political gains.

Btw, I notice that the professor arc is so similar to Nick Naylor (protagonist from Thank You For Smoking, 2005). I wonder if the screenwriter got inspiration from that movie. But, yeah, I'm enjoying the arc.

This movie full of cuss and understandably so! I mean how stress would you be if you know your death and every one else can be prevented, but you are helpless. Just like an Antelope heading to the headlight. 

Hoax is a business right now. And it blocks real messages to people. This movie portray that comically. This enable us to laugh at this dying world. Sigh....


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