Zombie Among Us

It has been two years I work from home. In that time, 90+% of my time was spent on homes. Yes, I'm one of the scared ones.

I was once a sceptic. However, many of my close relatives died. I then reassessed my beliefs about Covid-19.

I was scared because the number of my close relatives made me think that our genes were on the vulnerable side against covid-19.

However, many people survived from the virus. 

There were reasons why they survived. 

The original variants was weak. Only after the Delta, the virus became deadlier.

Some people had the best fit. At the time they were contracted, their body could handle the infection. They were lucky.

Some people that lost their jobs tried to deny the virus. 

Some crazy zealots tried to persuade their people by watering down the covid-19. They enforced the belief that God was more powerful than covid-19. 

Hah! Did they not think that God was letting the virus out? Did they think God not powerful enough to close the floodgate? I don't know which God they worshipping, but I believe that Christian God is the God that would pour the rain upon sinners and saints. 

Ora et labora. I believe that we do our best abilities to avoid the covid-19. We also pray that God navigate us through these storms. 


Soon a number of people that being okay contracted with covid-19 and people who didn't got one get more reckless thought. 

These lucky people made claims. And their claims enforced by hoaxes. These made people took the virus lightly.

They believed it was government propaganda. They didn't know back then the government shutted down any Indonesian that tried to warn us in social media. The government used buzzers to do that. They were afraid that their Visit Indonesia 2020 program in jeopardy.

Some believed that the hospitals tried to rob the government so they scaled the number of victim up. They put all deaths under covid-19 even when it was not. 

Bah, it was not the hospitals! When covid-19 was at its peak, the local government treated all deaths with covid-19 procedures. At the time, the tools to detect covid-19 was not adequate.

Nowadays, the swab test and the PCR are enough.

Anyways, some irresponsible people got their stages in denying covid-19. These people added doubt to common people.

As I talked and read, many people who were infected without symptoms choose to run their lives normally. These people think that the covid-19 would be like a cough.

 Normally, people would get infected in 10 days. They are done with the infection. However, when the PCR still getting positive result even when they are okay, that would be the indication of them still having that virus inside. 

They are now vectors. Like a gorilla contracted by AIDS. They can mate, fight and any activity normally without getting repercussion from the virus inside. 

And this is the thing that scares me when my office decided to round their employees back at office.

These ignorant people would go and forgetting that not all people like them.

They would ignore the fact that people like me that have close relatives died are the ones that prone to the infection.

You know a zombie by its look. But how could you differentiate a human covid-19 vector? 


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