Look Into God

I was interested in how Bieber was coming to church to get redemption. He was on Hillsong church until its Pastor was dismissed because of cheating. Bieber then distanced himself from Hillsong church and moved to Churchome church. 

When Bieber went to Hillsong, his career was on the edge of collapse. His misbehaviour dirtied his image. He needed a stunt for recovering his image. 

Hillsong NY also got their boost of fame because of Bieber. They profited from it. Their Pastor even handled Bieber personally. 

Such politics.... 

We also saw how charismatic Pastor Kong Hee arrested. He had an impressive ministry. However, he used church's fund to help his wife's career. 

We also see of how big church organizations would have internal strive. How their leader would topple the other leader just to have their own dynasty. They even lied. 

Are you disappointed in Christianity? 

I don't. 

We should know that religion was founded to justify order. From the olden day of shamanic society to the monotheism. Religion always be a stamp of approval to hold the masses.

No religion ever scientifically proven their god(s). Not even Christianity. Only claims based on faith. 

So, why should I put my faith in Jesus? 

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Matthews 6:33) 

Religion is about personal findings to God. It's not about how big is the church nor how charismatic their leaders. Everyone including the Pastor and all of the minister is also the player. 

They could fall. 

Moses failed to go to Canaan. Eli's children brought God's condemnation. King David, the most intimate to God, fall. Peter and Judas betrayed. 

The Bible talked about the human side of God's children. If an Apostle that Jesus promised to be his church's corner could fall, don't you find faulty church was expected? 

However, you could find righteous God's minister from time to time. David Livingston is a good example. Charles Spurgeon also. Perhaps, you could find someone who serve with the utmost devotion. 

Yes, even if church may filled with rotten people, God would put few of His people there. I can vouch for people like those exist. I was drawn to Christianity by such people. 

They prayed. They don't hesitate to help. They open their copper for that. Their behavior also consistent. 

Well, if you can't find one. Be the one so that people like me can see role model of God's people. Lol. 

However, don't judge on rotten people. They might be on their lowest. 

Peter was given a chance by Jesus and look how great his ministry was. King David was pardoned because he was sorry. And so on.... 

Just pray for such person. Don't hate. May be God would someday touch that person. 

Meanwhile, don't be discourage in our faith to Christ. 

Just learn to look into God. He's the perfect role model. 


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