COVID 19 notes

So far, COVID-19 is found not airborne. But, it is aerosol. It means it can attach itself on small particles on air.

It seems the only solution for this virus spread is to not touch your face. You don't know what your hands been touching. COVID-19 may survived on surfaces in varied time.

Far more than that, we are suggested to create social distancing. Avoid the masses! This is important as there are people that still ignorance about the danger. Like that one church in South Korea, religious people may have the best ignorance and hoax eater.

Indonesia may have the wise decision. Backed by major religious organisations, we put all of the masses on-hold. This Friday the mosques are empty. Amazing how they, the Moslem, can come up with relevant Koran scriptures and Hadits to backup that. The Hindu also preparing their holy ground for Day of Silence by prohibiting people to come. Some Christian churches may put their Sunday service online.

But, we still have low awareness. Some mosque still have their Friday prayer. Some church still doing normal. So many hoaxes that made people scared and at one point become ignorant. This is the danger of today's misinformation.

This virus is new and under investigation. No need to panic, but cautious.


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