Praise and Worship Songs

As a Pentecost, I get a lot of critics from many preachers about how we sing our songs. These people, usually Lutheran people, criticising us for using contemporary band in our place of worship. They said, our worship is not legit. It is only for entertainment only, not worship.

For background, in Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) music, we usually have bands and one singer as a Worship Leader. This singer have the most voice out of all. Plus, the lights, the environment and the big projector making the church looks like a concert.

What's wrong with the concert look? What's so sacred about a liturgy? It isn't in the Bible. I mean, if you want to stick with the correct liturgy, then you should follow Didache. That's the authoritative source for the liturgy. It is a book straight from the Apostle's era. I don't see any of those protester using that.

If we look into the Moses time, the Israelite worship God with dancing and singing. In that time, God didn't look into Moses eye and told him to change their way of worship.

In the King David's time, only professionals that sing and played the instruments. They are the band of that time. It is a big concert!

And the history go on with many variation of worship through ages. We should not judge people of the way of their worship. Let God be the one who judge.

I myself look at the church and think that it is a concert. BUT, in that concert, all of us is the performer and God is the only audience.

Be it in a serene liturgical worship or happy full band concert. Let everyone there focus their worship to God.


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