My Phone

I love customising my phone. The first thing I'd do after buy a new one is to unlock the phone. Then, I'd install any of AOSP/LineageOS (Android free version) on it.

I don't like the original software. They full of bloatware that bogging the phone. Besides, the modding community could also provide some interesting features that would eventually becomes a norm.

The first benefit I would have from the custom ROM is actually longer battery life. I usually couldn't survive a day with original. But, with custom ROM I could even get a day and more.

BTW, I just downgraded my ROM from Android Pie (9.0) to Android Nougat (7.1.2). Why? Because it seems Google abandoned the MirrorLink®. I think with the ® on it, I can understand why Google decided to ditch it and go with Chromecast solution.

Nougat is the last that have MirrorLink® ability. This is sucks because most of modern cars and TVs have MirrorLink® on them. So, Android phone with newer version of Android would likely need to install additional dongle just to be connected.

Oh, well....

Why would standards become patents nowadays? They used to be called proprietary implementation for that kind of thing. Open standard should be open for anybody to participate.


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