At Wednesday, Trump making a statement that US acknowledge Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. To support his decision, he also moving US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This sparks many retorts around the globe.

Why must Trump administration makes it even harder all the rest of the Christian communities around the world?
 I know that Trump is trying to please his domestic friends. He wanted to please some Christian evangelisms. He also wanted some Jewish organizations. Apparently, this is also one of his campaign commitment at the election.

I wrote this post after watching Phil's video about Trump's decision. I read the comment sections and saw even many Jews that live there also not liking his decision. Even in the US, not all of the Jewish organization support this.

As a Christian live in another country, I can only say that what Trump's doing is only to please few domestic evangelism. In doing so, he put me and other Christians in danger of persecutions. Nowadays, religion and alt right movement is a sexy toy to play with for many interested factions to move the masses.

I'm afraid that because of the rise of Christians being persecuted, people might want to see the US as an Anti-Christ country. All of her actions knowing that as the whole world perceive her as a Christian country, would make the world view all of the Christians differently now.

I mean, people who are suffering would often see who cause their misery in the first place.

Saddam might be a cruel ruler, but his Baht party made it that even Christians felt suffer. Look at the Iraqi war did. Who got the most head falling over their bodies now? Christians.

Many places of the world are in peril because of war. Syrian war also making the place inhabitable for Christians. Syria was the refuge of many Christians around. Now it also becoming dangerous.

Where should they go now?
What Trump administration have done lacks of a good strategy.

They should've see how Putin's administration way to please Christians. He made himself a Defender of Christianity. Even if there is an accusation that stated Christian Orthodox organization is under KGB, Putin's administration successfully made the world believe that he is a Christian Protector. Trump statement made the whole world against him, even PGI (Council of Churches in Indonesia) made a statement against it.

I hope his statement doesn't get used by some evil organizations to brainwash its member into persecuting Christians.


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