Al Maidah 51

This article written long time ago. Because the issue already resolved by imprisoning the late governor (Ahok), I think publishing this would still considered 

A viral went nuts here:

The title said:
Ahok: Anda Dibohongi Alqur'an Surat Al-Maidah 51
which translated as:
Ahok: You are being lied by Quran's Al Maidah 51.

Interestingly, the actual line actually said:

"... Bapak Ibu nggak bisa pilih saya; dibohongin pake Surat Al Maidah 51 macem-macem itu...."
which in English said:
"... you all can't choose me; being lied using Surah Al Maidah 51 and so on."
The full video:

And the context started at 24:14
"... Jadi jangan percaya sama orang, 'Kan bisa aja dari hati kecil Bapak Ibu nggak bisa pilih saya. Dibohongin pake Surat Al Maidah 51 macem-macem itu..."
 Which in English said:
"... So don't trust just anyone. It is possible from the bottom of your heart that you all can't elect me. Being lied using Surah Al Maidah 51 and so on."
Now, from the context here is that Ahok told the audiences that there would be people who uses Quran for their political interest to make others not to elect Ahok. They do it by quoting the Koran out of the context.

Unfortunately, nobody had time to watch the full quote and tried to understand the meaning. They were too busy hating.

People Reaction to Ahok

Ahok is an Khek decendant who rose into prominence and has the biggest chance for running as a Governor in 2017. Not just only a governor to a city, but a capital city governor. A Khek still have a close resemblance to today's Chinese.

Many people love him. Indonesian Christians idolize him as a role model of how a Christian could becomes a leader in this country when Christianity is not the majority. Indonesian Chineses love him because he represented the hope for equality.

But, there is also a voice by Indonesian Chinese like Jaya Suprana who wary to the way Ahok talks vulgar. His open letter also reminded Ahok about the fear of another racial riot that would turn Indonesian Chinese as the victims; like the history repeated being told again and again in Indonesia.

And yeah, some people would use this opportunity to cultivate hate speech. Especially those that these late years become prominent power with their fundamentalism. They gain so much these days.

Their ways to become the part of Indonesia is interesting. Right now, their ways are really effective to turn many Indonesian Islamic brethren to turn their face from us.

Fascinating but saddening.


It is interesting how they build their fundamentalism using information. They would use Internet as a source of preach. I remember back in the early 2000s that so many Khattib (Islamic Preacher) would be proud of using Internet as their source materials. They would say words like, "I read it in the Internet". At that time, Internet was not a common thing.

I also remember there is this evangelical site named Answering Islam, which was an evangelical site dedicated to oppose Ahmed Deedat's arguments against Christianity. Because of the name, people thought that this site was the first click-bait for the opponents. We know that answering means trying to answer that entity (Islam, Ahmed Deedat).

But, this site took their community by storm. They thought that this site was so blatant and deceiving. It made them also made their own Answering Christianity site to counter that. My note to this site, if they weren't debunking 911, it would be a perfect counter.

In those years, they built their own agenda and started to cultivate culture that made their people to self-censor sites. They skillfully built a dogma that made their people not to listen to other news site other than their own authoritative ones.

The reason was actually kind of valid: "many sites would contain eloquence that could hypnotize you out from Islam." For many people with lack the skill of comprehending things, some arguments would win them over. They could get fascinated and swayed from their faith.

The reason also kind of invalid because that would made the people take absolute trust to their leaders. As faulty human, their leaders could run into the wrong. Little would they realize when they are not God's messenger anymore, but a god.

In those years, they also built their fundamentalism by using hate to America and making Palestine as an underdog who got beaten repeatedly by the oppressing Israeli soldiers.

I remembered in late 90s/early 2000 found a junior was using our school computer downloading pictures of mutilated corpses with many tags depicting that this was the wrongdoings of the Israeli.

One picture that I remembered was a picture of a grandpa with hacked face and the tag said, "is he worth to have this?" Man, I'm not that religious, but seeing that picture I also would have gotten my blood boiled.

Fortunately, I'm with the cool kid with Internet experiences since 1995s. There were many of those pictures were taken from horror sites. Yeah, The Internet already effed up since the very beginning. We used to have porn without ads. Pictures of Lady Di's skirt blown by the wind peeked by a Paparazzi.

Anyway, that method really made their skull thinner so that they could be really easily controlled. They would fed with such lies so that they would hate American government (not the people) and Israel.

I mean, if they could racked their brain a bit, shouldn't they asked:
if the Israelis really that powerful, why didn't the Palestine got wiped instead? 
Well, because not all Israeli blood monger. There are people like PM Yitzhak Rabin (RIP) and Simon Peres who worked together with Yasser Arafat (RIP) to bring peace on both sides. Unfortunately, because their almost successful deal, both Rabin and Arafat got killed in the same year.

If you read the Jerusalem Post, you would see how leftists pushing around government for their plan of taking the Palestinian lands. Many Arabs work in the state of Israel. In fact, they are taking quite a lot of population percentages.

The world is not black and white.

Closing The Conversation

Fast forward today, they really succeeded to close the discussion. If there is a Christian open a conversation, their people would immediately close the conversation by saying, "you are not one of us".

If there is an Islam open a conversation, their people would immediately close conversation by saying, "are you an Imam?" "by whose authorization that you could interpret the Quran?" and so on. In the best argument they could make, they would be calling that person "heretic", not a true Islam, impostor.

To support their thirst of knowledge, they have their cyber/propaganda teams that is the most awesome of all. They made so many websites that often made circular reasoning among themselves. From amateurish approach of using verbatim copies of an article copied to many sites to articles professionally curated to bring the masses into a conclusion.

Well, it's their own religion and I won't comment on that. My only problem with this kind of approach would be that if their leaders lied won't they all go to hell? An authority made by man that have so many interests. If one man/source trying to be the absolute author, can that man/source stay objective? People often forget that their leaders are people, not Allah.

Even the most perfect king needs second opinion. George Lucas with a great ego almost destroyed the Star Wars franchise.


All those that I've wrote might made you think that it is legal to become an Islamophobic. This is not right also. Because the writing is not about all of the Islam. It is a faction within Islam which also got a lot of controversies from another faction of Islam.

Some people might label that faction Wahabi. But, I don't buy that much. Just like they would say that there is this pure Socialism and pure Liberalism. No country with a free market, not even US, would really let the market decide by themselves. Even the most communist like China and Russia not 100% communist.

All of them already becomes a modern kingdom. Either runs by a single party, single man, or houses like Game of Thrones. And these rulers tried to implement something to have control.

Religion, institutionalized religion, since the dawn of time also used as political tools. Depending on what the political market wants, religion could be swayed around. So, instead of calling it one part of religious cult, I'd say one political interest.

By the end of the day, we would see those who got the upper hand would grab the political throne. C'est la vie.


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