That's Actually Not Mediocre

What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life?

What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between? Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that? Photo courtesy of Erin Loechner The world is such a noisy place.

A friend of mine shared this on her Facebook post. It was a nice post written using controversial text as a title. Well, at least we were interested to read it. I especially wanted to know on why the author made such claim.

First of all, as a Christian, there is no reason for mediocrity and it is not acceptable. You are enforced by Jesus to be an example. What kind of mediocrity that acceptable?

Second, the author still talks her faith. She still wanting to help others around her. But, she wanted to do that in a quiet life without exaggeration.

This article actually not talking of being mediocre. Its content actually talks about doing things wonderfully with moderate expectation. The author actually not a mediocre, she just strategically manage her expectation. In doing so, she hopes to find the new optimize from her local set.

Just like genetic algorithm on endless data, you may not be able to look for the most top solution. You could find the most maximum at the local subset (local optima).

As MTV used to campaign, "think globally, act locally." She still want to make her life meaningful for others. It's just that she manage her expectation by not doing things aggressively campaigning for the grand scale. She knows her boundary and chooses to make an optimal life based on that.

She just want to tell people that it is alright with the way you are. Don't be someone else. But, no, there is no mediocrity on it. In fact, that's what the Bible tell people to do.

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.

Luke 6:10, NKJV

Yes, every one of us is trying to be a better human. We are trying to improve. To be a mediocre is to give up on that. But, ambitious attempt in searching global optimum might delude one's life into misery. One must try to find the extraordinary from the ordinary.


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