What A Strange Week

A coworker singing a song about having a crush to his best friend's girl, Glenn Fredly feat. Yura, "cinta dan rahasia" over and over again. He sung the song over and over. I wasn't even know the song and by the end of the night, I knew the harmonizations.

At first I wanted to stop him. But, his performance is becoming weird in our workplace. May be this song was related on his condition, so I restrained myself to have him stop singing the song. I still respect his privacy so I didn't dig deeper.

Another friend of mine also have a long chat with me because he accidentally transfer a Raichu from his deck. In his desperation, he said would sold his account and stopped playing Pokémon GO.

Long story short, because he was team Valor, I told him that I was team Mystic. He could started again and next time chose with Mystic. I also suggested that we should went to conquer gyms together.

Well, it's kinda hard to play solo. I could conquer a level 5 gym alone. But, my Snorlax couldn't stand more than 10 hours to defend it alone.

Another friend of mine also told me that I was a cold person. She was asking about how the mechanics  of Pokémon GO. In reluctant, I told her every basics that should be covered about it. And then, I excused myself because I wanted to be able to concentrate to build my deck.

Another friend of mine also asked about Pokémon GO on our favorite hang out. When we asked him about his liking of this game, he refused to admit it. He said it was for his little daughter. Yeah, right.

Another friend of a friend also asked about Pokémon GO. He was evaluating this game because his ten years-old son asked a lot about it. He didn't know about it before so he said to his son to not play it. Instead, he suggested his son to do other physical activities like playing kite, swimming, etc.

As a stranger in human relationship, I thought a line about these:

I could love her and she loves me back, but the world has circumstances...


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