Indonesian Christianity and LGBT

PGI, Persekutuan Gereja-gereja di Indonesia, Communion of Churches in Indonesia, made a Pastoral statement about LGBT. In its statement, PGI recommended all Indonesian churches to accept LGBT as normal people. Families should embrace their family members that was LGBT. It recommended churches to accept people that came out. It also recommended to put LGBT away from being label as a sickness. Then, at last, it recommended LGBT as a part of Christian faith.

What a bold move!

There were many people voice their objections. Mangapul Sagala claimed that the leader of PGI had a moral deviation. He also assumed that was why they move the Grand Meeting sooner. DR. Andik made an open statement against that Pastoral message.

What about me?

There is a part of me calling for political correctness. To accept them as a member of family or society is a must. I also have gay friends and they are normal to me.

But, when in church, that's where a line should be drawn. Romans 1:24-27 explicitly against gay. There are strong arguments made against LGBT. I think when it comes to faith, I'm still against LGBT.

But what about it?

If I can live among Muslim, Buddhist, Hindi, etc., why can't I live with LGBT?

Personally, I would respect them as the same as everyone else and myself.


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