Yesterday there was a bombing accident Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It blew up a police box. There were at least 10~14 people as suspects. There were also gunshots heard.

I don't think our security officers wasn't on guard. There were cases of bad people exposed hiding weapons in Depok. A case of detonated bomb on an orphanage because of the failed assembly process. Yeah, sick people hiding on places that should be out of usage. Well, considering how they would shamelessly used women and children as living bomb, I guess it was natural of them for shamelessly hiding on there.

In case you didn't know, Depok is a rural city next to Jakarta.

Anyway, contrary on what the western media wrote, our shock only in a moment. After the bombing in Sarinah, Jakarta, the events evolved as jokes arouse around the event.

There were still street peddlers around like nothing happened, like this satay peddler. Why they were there? Because people in Jakarta at first shocked. And, the next thing they would update their social media and turned into live reporters. As the crowd gathered, the peddlers sold their stuff happily.

There is this mentality in Jakartans when people often gathered and watched when accident happened. This terrorist occurrence was a once in a lifetime event for them. So, curiosity defeated fear. Some of them might be wanted to get big hit by accidentally post something to the social media.

Thus, this is what happened:

As you can see, they gathered around when the terrorists still actively being pursuit by the police! And people just there watching as if this is some kind of GTA Live Action show.

A few hours later, the topic moved from that GTA Live Action events into hot policemen wearing Gucci sneaker. The Indonesian social media full of them wandering who is one of the mysterious policemen.

Thus, not like what the foreign media pictured us, we were just taking this incident like a weird live action show. No fear instilled here.

Some hoaxes like bombing in another places sprout and got diminished quickly. Some of my friends also debunked themselves via social media. A friend of mine was on a Trans Jakarta (Bus) taking picture told to the social media that all of the mass transportation was still running.

The train might have a delay, though. Given that it was not on its schedule since two days ago,  I think it might not because of this incident but something else.

In conclusion, Jakarta still doing business as usual.

But, still, condolence to the people who became victims.


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