Voice Your Voice!

The video was about 26th year old wife protesting her husband practising polygamy.
It was not an easy task for people to raise awareness. Not when the thing that being protested was something cultural. It was getting harder when the problem sometimes entangled with religion.

There were things that made people uncomfortable when confronting such issue. Some people scared of what they did would inflict God's wrath. Some people unconsciously tried to defend their existence embodied in their deep rooted culture. Some felt that it was unnecessary to open the stinks out in the open.

I'm not eligible to talk about the issue because I'm not a Moslem. I brought this up because issues like this not belong exclusively in Islam. They also exist in many ancient religions including Christianity. What I want to talk about is how we can start a positive discussion about these kind of sensitive matters.

Culture vs Religion

People often forget that sometimes parts of their religious acts are cultural. In the beginning, the scripture never forbade them for conducting such thing. Then, people started to practise it and tried to find loop holes. These loop holes then accepted as conveniences. Later generations take these bending without questioning and often abuse it.

Why did God let these loop holes exist?

It turns out that what these loop holes trying to take advantage of is being covered by another part of the Law. People often forget that when they try to bend the Law. Short sighted decisions actually crossed another Law.

Unfortunately, these loop holes already accepted as cultural. With time, this culture getting protected and seen as a truth. At the end, the bended product canonized as a Law from God.

That's why, when confronting such issue, it is important to separate what is cultural and what is actually God's Law. Learn that sometimes what we thought strict actually could be relaxed. When God created a Law that could be bent culturally, it was also intended could be bent into other side.

BUT, one principal remains: these bending must not cross any Law.

God created us with higher intellectual. It is for us to think what's best for God's glory. God loves discussions.

In discussion we can practise meekness, humility and openness. In discussion we also can practise perseverance. In discussion we also practise to grasp God. These in turns could lead us to personally love God.

My Reaction about Video Comments

As I read the comments, I was shocked by the maturity of each comments. So far as I wrote this, no pros nor cons comments written in verbal abusive words. Each hater confronting with their disagreement idea, not with hate words. Wow, our Internet commenting people is increasing intellectually.

It is not easy to come up with this issue. I hope this would educate us to be a better human.


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