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The Indonesian Internet-sphere running havoc these past days. Many offended people said their condemn about two things:

  • A male actor, Lukman Sardi, converted from Islam to Christian.
  • The so called Gay Pride event made some people openly promoting it. Facebook made a gimmick apps as a notion.
I've found many hate posters in my Facebook timeline because of those. I didn't particularly hate the haters. They were innocents anyway. They were victims.

As a country with large discrepancy between the poor and the rich, Indonesia had many becoming escapists. They seek asylum from religion. As the religion became a dope, they would do anything willingly without thinking.

Btw, why did I call them escapists?

I could only think of those poor people as people that want to run from harsh reality. I cannot think of them religious. They only want to have convenient answers.

They only fear about themselves but coating it with religious themes. They would easily misled with articles quoting Arabian writings plus disturbing images as illustrations.

Had they ever thought, "could Allah the most merciful endorse hate?"

Had they ever thought that they were being manipulated by their leaders?

Well, anywhere in the world religion will always be a convenient device to gain political foothold. It is not exclusive to Muslim, even Christianity also suffer the same fate.

I still remember that time when I wanted to punch a TV. A Reverend in TBN was broadcasting a message legitimizing Iraq invasion. He used Daniel revelations to name Saddam's Iraq as one of the beasts. The US led by Bush administration (at that time) were the army of God trying to defeat that beast.

Oh, yeah? Saddam is a beast? Not a mofo that ruining your oil company expansion?

As a Christian in a third world country, I see the Iraq invasion did the worst thing to the Christianity itself.

The Ba'ath party, Saddam's party, had many Christians in there. At first, I was shocked by the fact that actually Saddam hold different religions under its wing. A Wikipedia article wrote that the party was a socialist party. Oh, no wonder.

Afterwards, the party gone, racial discriminations growing stronger than ever. Today, Iraq fallen into the most terrifying state. Half of it fallen to ISIS whom beheaded anyone not in the same religion. Christians running away in fear.

In Indonesia, many gains power and fame through hate speeches have used this in their arsenal. Some people would associate us Christians with conspiracy theories of Zion movement. Fortunately, not enough people buying this nonsense, yet....

Still thinking this is a Godly mission not an oil company mission statements?

I don't think Saddam a hero also. Remember, nothing in politics is black nor white. He was a dictator, mind you, so do many leaders around the world.

Anyway, that's politics. There is nothing we can do about it. They will forever be using hate to gain fame and power.

Thus, like the US citizen, some Indonesian citizen also falling to the same trap.

Oh, humanity...


  1. Lukman Sardi masuk Kristen trus orang2 disini pada heboh? Ya elah sesama penjual kecap kok gak bisa damai2 apa ya.

    LGBT di US legal trus dimari pada butthurt? Itu kan US cuy. Negara sekuler dah bukan teokrasi. Mereka mau begitu trus lo mau apa? :p

    1. Lol, mantu Jokowi masuk Islam aja kita selon. Iman, mah, masing-masing aja. Tapi, gw sedih liat orang pada kemakan politik kebencian.


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