You may seems to find this blog is inactive. I think so too. But, 94 drafts means there are 94 articles unpublished!

Most of them lengthy posts. Most of them written unedited and raw. Seems like I wrote them in anger and poured up all of my knowledge and said things that should be spoken.

But, my sanity took me before I pressed the publish button. This blog should be a stress relieve for me to write things that I would like to say. I thought there is no one would read my bad English.

My friend used to check my grammar, but he might already be too busy with his doctorate now. I notice when I reread my blog, I got so many grammatical error. I never bothered with it. This is a personal blog anyway. No ads or whatsoever.

Boy, oh, boy, this blog ain't that hidden. When did this blog gained popularity? Sometimes I got interesting feedbacks from interesting people enriching my understanding of different cultures.

The all time highest rate of traffic comes from STAN vs UI post. I am ashamed of it. What the heck, people! Of all of my posts, that's the most popular post from Indonesia? What about my Debian-related post? What about my deep thoughts? What about other good reading material?

Nevermind... people might have different interests.

I think this blog became famous unintentionally because of few things. There was a time when one of my post was featured in Debian WIKI. Yeah, that Debian! I didn't know about it, but sure I proud of it.

Second, I often talked about Sangoma A104.

That last one scared me. It made my site into Alexa top million something. I noticed at that time, my site started to be filled with bot comments. I had to delete spams from time to time. Until I gave up and I stopped writing my site for months. I had to wait until my site not that high!

There you have it, now you know where my enmity towards SEO people comes from. Ironically, Indonesian universities have their toys over new awards that called Webometrics. Here I am in charge of making sure that my workplace have high place in that stupid google indexing algorithm.

Hmm... thinking of it, I think I glad to watch over my university, my workplace, clean. Some universities used nasty methods. Some injected illegal PDFs. Some injected other site in the HTML. But, I convinced all people in the university that we should go white. We did it clean and we'll always stay clean! B-)

And as if that wasn't enough, one of my spiritual little brother working hard in SEO. He depends his life on it. God really knows how to make me pull all the curses. Now I can only accept it as a part of Internet culture.

Oh, well, c'est la vie!

And what was I want to talk in the beginning?

Oh, yeah, these 94 posts contained subversive talks. Some information that could lead people in jeopardy. Or, even could made me get sued!

Some about religion, mine and others. Some about information I knew about things that happened that against popular belief. And some that most likely should not be in public.

I want to talk about my work. I want to voice my concern about this Indonesia becoming towards unfriendliness. I want to say about things that happens that I think I know why.

But, I love my life and I love my reader. Sometimes ignorance is a bliss. We can be friend because of that.

So be it! Let all the things that in the draft section be forever a draft.


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