God and ET

Ken Ham slams NASA for its research in Extraterrestrial Life (ET).

Finally, I can write something on this blog! I want to comment about this issue long time ago, but I didn't have a time to write. Luckily, now I can.

There is this tendency of people trying to clash Science with Religion in common, especially with Christianity. They made it so well that it feels like there is nothing coherent being a man of God and scientifically right. I'm itch to write about how these claims are wrong in Christianity.

To make this short, let's talk about how we should see something that unwritten in the Bible. This time I'm trying to not talk about data, subsets and other mathematical terms. Let's take an analogy for better explanation.

Take one simple example: did God governs what palate should available to us? Yes, the Bible restrict some of the dietary. Interestingly, there are confronting thought on some of them.

There were people whom really cherrished Mosaic law at that time. But, it was hard to find food that without ever being blessed by some idoltries. It was common for people at that time to ask their deities for blessings, especially for things they sold.

Paul, then, asked people to stop asking about the food. Just enjoy it and trust that no idoltry has the power to affect God's people. But, he also warned about not boasting this understanding and respect brothers that have objections about that by showing restrains.

In simple words, if you have brothers that object to consume questionable rations, respect them by not eating it while being with them. This way, there would be respect for each other and would not ignites any unnecessary clash.

See, God's words never about restraining people. His words were meant to protect His people from diseases and misfortunes. Not for restraining them for no particular reason.

And, how about the foods that aren't written on the Bible? Should we ban them? Should we just have the ancient Israelite dietary and forsake other dietaries?

Should we not eat Pizza and Burger because those were not written? Should we stop drink Cola? While at that, should we throw away our Snickers and wear Sandals?

Well, yes, if you are a health extremist with deep social enactment, but not because you are a devout Christian. Just eat them as you like, with health consideration of course. Nothing against eating something that is not written in the Bible.

Now, back to the ET. Did God ever told people through Bible that there is no other life outside Earth? Nope! Nothing written in the Bible about.

In fact, amousingly, if you would consider the definition of what an ET is, God, angels and demons may be called ETs. They aren't of this world. Particularly God, He even existed before the Earth.

And, if you read your Bible right, you may see that the Bible also spoke about how people will be living outside this Earth into the new Earth, the new Jerusalem. It would be another human colonization outside the Earth done by God Himself.

Now, does the Bible also talks about what happened there and afterwards?

All that is written is there would be new lifestyle to enjoy where God will be in between humans again. See here, the new relationship that was once severed by the first humans will be restored. God will walk again amongst men, His children.

See, if you understand your Bible right, Bible is a book that was specifically written for human story in Earth since the severed relationship with God. Its chapter ends with the restored relationship in the new environment. A romantic delicate story about a Father trying to reunite with His children.

It doesn't necessarily need to address anything that is not in theme. It never tried to explain what is Quantum physics because it has no relevance to the theme. Instead, it tries to explain with local and timely analogies to make the readers and anyone written inside understood.

Bible never tried to describe anything unearthly. Some of the well-informed readers may find it through inferences. Some may see linking in their respective fields. But, that's not the reason why the Bible made.

Aside the Mosaic Israelites, God never write specifics about what a government should be. He never bans Communism, Liberalism, nor Capitalism. What He told us to do is we should not abuse our power but help one another.

He is not interested in society forms we chose. He interested in how we interacts. That's why we can still love our country while abiding God's word. As long the country's law not against worshipping God, there is nothing wrong with it.

Any knowledges that is not in the Bible aren't banned. God's people can creatively using any tools and knowledge that aren't against what the Bible said for goodness. This is what the logic people call Open World Assumption.

The Bible is using Open World Assumption for its logic environment. As long the new knowledge is not explicitely written, God's people can incorporate the knowledge with what the Bible has already written. Different opinions may exist and that's fine. That's healthy as long we respect each other.

So, what about the possibility of ET?

Because God never told us about them, the possibilities are welcomed. We should not condemn anyone who wants to know about it. We also should respect anyone that not believing on it.

So, yeah, all in all, condemning NASA is not based on Christian faith, but by one's own understanding (the lacking of).


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