This geeky title is what I should describe about what really happened these days. Especially when a party using religion to gain attention. They would done anything without consent but a calculated victory in politics.

In Linux kernel there are few Job Queue algorithm. A Job Queue algorithm is a method to decide which Job will be done in the CPU. So, that method decides which Job that waiting in line should be executed first, e.g. PRIO_FIFO (First In First Out).

In the world of power, there are two Job Queue amongst others: PRIO_POLITICS and PRIO_RELIGION. These two algorithms seems define their own workflow differently. One thing we can dissect from both algorithm is there is a fundamental difference between PRIO_POLITICS and PRIO_RELIGION that is how mighty is God depicted.

"God is Almighty and He is able to do."

That's the one thing that differentiate the algorithm. In PRIO_RELIGION, God is depicted as an Entity that so capable of doing things including protecting Him/Her/Itself (ves). The reason of the PRIO_RELIGION is a way of God's pity towards human that God wanted the human to be good again.

God never bothered with the humans because God already self-sufficient. Is God really need the help of human? No, if That Being is (are) Almighty, of course that would not be necessary.

Then, what do God wants from people?

Simple. To have a bond again with humanity that gone ashtray. To make peace within humanity restored. To make this journey of a lifetime fun again.

I can't speak from other religion without being doubted in credibility. In the Christianity, God is described as a Father that ushered all. What makes it special, he created human according to His Image, both men and women.

Unfortunately, human got deceived by the snake and stole the fruit of knowledge. Out of fear, human lied to God about it. As a result, human got banished from the Garden of Eden.

The sins continue with one of the son killed his little brother. He lied also to God. It made him loss more favor.

See here, the lies were the reason why men got condemned. This is where PRIO_RELIGION differ from PRIO_POLITICS. As in PRIO_POLITICS, lies, especially good lies, are being told as one of the vessel. So, the disinformation and opinionated articles are the tools of it.

If God is Just and Merciful, why He sets His people to do biding in His stead with hatred and lies?

Well, that's simple, because the one done that is using PRIO_POLITICS.


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