My Latest DIsappointment

FIFA was known for original and catchy OST for each of their World Cup series. Now, we have this trashy song by Pitbull. Why trashy?

  1. The lyric is not original.
  2. The tune is not original.
  3. The clip is not original.
OK, let's start with the lyric. It's a combination from common song. Not well thought. Watch the clip and you'll get that so many songs was written like that.

The tune, oh, gawd, I want to pass this. It's like the Florida song, Whistle. And...

Look at the clip, Pitbull sandwitched with two girl, so R&B original! I don't know if that's his signature. If it is, then pardon my lack of knowledge. And look how the clip is checklisted. Look, you must put flags, people playing ball and Brazil...

Why not using this Shakira:

From the infamous "Ole... ole... ole...." to "Waka Waka" has been a memorable and clever way to show the World Cup. It's so dearest. Even the Scottish 1998 official song Just Don't Come Home Too Soon by Del Amitri really move my heart.

Even the Wavin Flag getting converted into many language! Gawd, this is sad. I'm signing out and end of sigh.


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