Crushed Other People

Broken people born from mistreatment from other broken people.

A psychopathic killer born from abuse. A bad father born from failures. A bad woman born from trauma.

You can blame them and nothing's gonna be alright. Or, you could dwell into their stories and find the past that made them this way.

I believe choosing the later is the most difficult one. It includes forgiveness and accepting them back. Something that can't be done easily.

But, choosing the first comes with an even greater price: it will spread brokenness more.

If you see toddlers, there are times when they act rebellious. They harm themselves, destroying what ever properties that lies. They cries so long and loud. They do it because they want to be listened.

Now, transform that into adults. The principal is the same, but they are more organized and ferocious.

Still, what I said stands:

A bad human is a lost and unloved. To choose to love that person is a decision that will save that person and ourselves that involve.

Nothing is gonna change from grudge aside from the better life that you could have instead.


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