She Said, He Said

She Said
He said

Why the two got different responses? The girl pictured as a cute devoted type, whilst the boy is getting tagged with weird tag. A boy with responsible thought would not be considered normal.

They say that on olden days women would get menstruation at the age 13 to 15. Nowadays getting shorter to 10 and 12 -- thanks to Colonel Sanders and Uncle Ronald. That hormonal shift may made the culture think that girls grew wiser at the early age. So, this type of thinking is actually normal.

Boys would be pictured as cubs playing around before leaving nest. They would dive into the world taking turfs and trying to be alpha. That's why they do stupid things. To experiment their inner self, which would in the end made them wiser.

What the main character do here is totally different from what we, the culture, think about boys. Boys should be silly and full of hormones. They would be a great example of idiots. Well, at least that the culture would picture boys.

What if the boy, let say JP -- not a real name --, is a boy who loves to read books at the early age. Not just random books. Those are books of psychology, theology and stuffs. So, isn't it normal for a boy like that thinking deeply?

Sometimes ignorance is a bliss. Become wiser sometimes made you an outcast. A freak that reeks solitude. That's why, once in a while I see these JPs acting stupid just to hide their intelligence. Sometimes, there are two or more JPs in the pack, but their mask of stupidity amplified within each other.

Poor them....


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