Tolerance means one try to restrict oneself because of others with different values. One compromise one's idealism so that one can coexists with other people. With this, we can be in peace.

That's the bigger idea. But, what about the real thing? Sometimes, there are people who don't consider others. Should I tolerate these kind of people?

When I was on my way to Pondok Cina, I ran into a group of homosexual. The train was a little bit full so I was standing. In front of me there are guys with pink eye shadows. They were cool and I was cool and we didn't bother each other. We just like everyone else, strangers.

The trouble comes when in the other side of the cart, a guy sit on the lap of his fellow. The guy on the bottom played his fingers into.... Oh, God! I don't want to remember that horrible sight! I feel disgusted and walked away into other cart.

My friend asked me, what if it was heterosexual? I could digest to that. But, it wasn't. It was a man sitting on another man lap doing romance.

I was brought with a strong Christian value that emphasized homosexuality is forbidden. This kind of act was basically blasphemous. My mind was trying to settle down but my heart engulfed with rage.

Nothing was wrong with those couple. They didn't do something that could made lives being lost. But, it was an act of abuse teasing my belief.

If we talk about teasing one's belief, it is a grey matter. In fact, some behaviours may be forbidden based on one's belief, but not with others. I believe in God, but some may not. Even if there are others who believe, they may vary.

When the people whose act isn't appropriate appear, the best solution seems to shy away from them. To shy away is an art, a difficult one. It requires the practitioner not to hate, not to reduce anyone's right and be subjectively objective.

We are always subjective. But, by making subjective decision with objectiveness as consideration, we may balance things into fairness. That's what we should all strive. Or, at least I like to strive.

I wish people would understand other people circumstances. I wish people won't smoke in public. I wish bikers  won't cut in. I wish gay people do romance in an appropriate place.

But, then again in fairness, may be they also wished to be accepted by society. I need to learn more about tolerance. I need to learn to accept differences. It is quite difficult challenge.

C'est la vie! Horas!


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