My Note About Egyptian Revolution

A post protesting the Military coup for Mursi. Well, I am expecting this because Mursi blundered his administration so much. People in Egypt are growing weary of his presidential movement.

He was trying to instill Sharia law to Egypt. That's natural because he is from Islamic Brotherhood. Unfortunately, that would oppress the minorities and that anger everyone, including the Christian people whom had also taken part in the Mubarak coup. It upset the other parties.

Now, here was the blunder. Mursi, instead of putting a dialog, he threatened everyone to shut up. He hastened his controversial law to be placed immediately and told everyone else to shut up.

Everyone else felt threatened. The democracy was in danger. Not to forget that secular Egypt a little bit allergic to Islamic Brotherhood. And the broken promise by Mursi made people anxious.

He was too fast to hasten his dominance. With wrong step of this, Mursi made the wrong move and lost the voice some of his people. Military took the chance and made a coup.

Voila, Egypt today.

With this Egypt today, my question remains: is the golden age that Islamic fundamentalists seek no longer have tolerance in it?


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