Lose Sight of A Vision

As we grow older, we grow weary. Far away from the shore, we face the vast ocean and its uncertain weather. Anxiety intoxicated us more and more.

I found this is normal. When we were little children, our parents took care of our necessity. They made sure our lives well. We got educations and well fed. As a bonus, we could get what we desire.

As we grow older, responsibility comes. One by one, the newbie life support lines unplugged. In times, we are expected to be a pro, responsible for our own and maybe (if life permits) others.

But, what are we? Just sheep with low field of sight. None can predict a future. Not a single thing can be told about it. Just a ferocious feeling that we want to keep exist.

It grows despair, greed and self-conceited. Taking its toll on people. It takes dreams one by one from one's life. It clouds one mind into thinking oblivion. It's hard to think benevolence nowadays.

This is a grave matter and many would come up with their solutions. But, As a Christian I meditate to this:

"God that made the entire universe with detailed part of Higgs-Bosson to forms the big Quasars; whom forsake his own son for salvation; called me his child."

He provides everything for me.


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