When God Cursed A Saint

Mr. Rachmat made a good story. A student from my university (Universitas Indonesia) died while riding a motorcycle. He was run over by a train in Pondok Cina, Depok. Another notable man, an Imam from my country (Indonesia), Ustafz Jefri Al Buchori (UJE), also died on motorcycle. He crashed into a big tree.

The student was supposed to do pilgrimage in the few days. He was supposed to be in the house, but he insisted to go to campus to meet his friend. When one train passed, he then crossed the rail without waiting the bar lifted up. He wasn't realize that it was a two way train rail because he was too conceited. A train from other side came and you know the rest. About Ustafz Jefri, you can read them on Indonesian newspaper.

They were devoted, especially Ustafz. And I as a Christian minister also find Ustafz Jefri as a tough and honourable competitor. He brilliantly brought many new ways to bring people to Islam.

Well, fair competition is fair competition, isn't?

Even if we have different view, I think he and I have the same common thing: trying to save many people into peace loving life. The different is I know Jesus as a Lord and saviour, but he knows Mohamed as a prophet. Different views with the same objective.  (I know this is way too simple, but let leave it as is)

Anyway, I was trying to write about the said article on this entry.

How can a man trusted by God, saintly enough, to meet such a doom?

There are many examples from the Bible about it. I want to write it as a reflection to myself. I think some examples would be suffice.


Moses was a great man that can see God face to face. He carried many things that impossible. But, he was condemned by God so that he would never set a foot on the promised land.

As said in the Exodus, the Israelites were nagging God and Moses because they were thirsty. They trolled him hard. God told Moses to knock a big rock. He did  made an angry comment on Israelites and then knock the stone twice.

Some theologist said that God cursed Moses was because he knocked the stone twice. But, I think it was because God never told Moses to make any angry comment.

King David

King David was known as a man so close to God. But, he had many difficulties. On his young days, he was being chased by Saul. On his old days, he was being chased by his own son. But, the most part is he was rejected by God so that he was not allowed to build the house of God. It was because he was a man of war.


The most tragic of them is Jephthah, a Judge from Israel. He was a Judge chosen by God to release Israelites from Amonnites. He did, he won the war.

And then, out of nowhere he said something to God:

"Whatever/whoever emerges and comes out of the doors of my house to meet me, when I return in peace from the people of Ammon, shall surely be God’s, and I shall sacrifice him/her/it as a burnt offering."[1] (Judges 11:31)
God never asked him to sacrifice anything. It was because of his own foolish decision that he made the remarks. This is a heavy topic, but I use this example also to defend my view on Free Will instead of Predestined.


Apostle Paul died in Rome with chopped head as punishment. Before that, he was on house arrest in Rome. Few many times before he was jailed.

Actually, he could be released sooner. A ruler, Festus, suggested that he could get out. But, he insisted to escalate the matter to Rome.

I know that some said that it was the will of God. I think all of the things happened is the Will of God. I believe that God made uncountable threads that a human can choose out of his Free Will. So, I believe it could have been different and God still uses Paul as His apostle.

Que sera sera, huh?

Last Words

Don't curse me being a heretic. If you read the Bible well, you would found out yourself that no man is perfect, except Jesus himself (but then again he was a God, so doesn't count). Btw, he also cried in the end and appealed to Father so that he could passed the last rite. But, in the end, he chose not to run away.

Being a man of God doesn't makes you special. This is because everyone is special, including you and me. Each of us face difficulties according to each one strength. The difference is that a man of God hears what God has to say and found the right way out from it.

As a man of God, we can also be faulty and choose according ourselves. But,  even if we choose the wrong way, there would be a way in God's eye where He could turn it into His glory. But, I hope I'm not the antagonist of that story....

Everyday is every man struggle.


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