Moving Forward

There are times where we should let go, yet the feeling still lingers. To move forward is to remove all ties with the thing that we should left behind. But, sometimes people always moving like merry-go-around.

What I've found about it is the lingering feeling is mostly because of the regrets. Regrets about not able to say what should be said and done. Regrets of the past actions that shouldn't be done. Regrets about the after-effects that beyond what they expected.

Sometimes, people would love to undo things. Making favors for the hurted, self-punishing and seeking enlightenment. Sometimes, some may have bad luck. They couldn't find salvation because the people they hurted already passed away. Or, they are geographically separated. Or, they are no longer in communication with each other.

To my surprise, these people transformed theirselves into jerks. Unaware of their behavior, they startled everyone around them. They have lost theirselves and seeking for destructions.

Some said that they needed to be hated equally for their deeds. Some seeked for atonements in these hurts. Some just didn't know what to do.

But really, that made me thinking:

A simple forgiving is what the world needs.

But, can the world forgive?


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