Horeee... kita MENANG...gung malu!

Yes, I admit that I didn't want Indonesia to win. I even didn't want to watch the game. I wished Malaysia would spanked Indonesian squad. BUT...

I hate the way Malaysia won. I hate the way of supporters in Malaysia treated our national team like that. No, not because it was sly, but it just made them to have an excuse to whine! Them:
- The "Name that shall not be mention" that licking our president boot.
- The corrupted officials of our national football association.
- The players.

Look here, they were delusional trying to think they were the best team. Out of five winning that they achieved so far, they took it in here, GBK. Christian Gonzales is 34, how many years do you think he would be able to continue supporting our team? Do you think just Irfan Bachdim can replace him? I bet two years in the Indonesian league and he will be rotten just like others. Like the selfish Bambang Pamungkas and the imbecile Ridwan.

This euphoria is not answering the problem of our national team. We need a better environment to build healthy championship. The corrupted officials of our national team just made the condition for our league in turmoil. Do you think when we won this game our national football will be better?

For you that have no record of what happened in Indonesian football, let me recap for you:

The Indonesian league sucked!

There were incident that made the Indonesian football sucked. There were teams that deserved a punishment but they could walk away. The intervention of the national committee to the championship were very badly making clubs not doing things better. Many of them had difficulties to gather resources especially funding. Many players couldn't made money so they get interested in other subject.

I know one team that fed up: Persebaya. Unfortunately, this team is in low favor and subject to bullying. They are in difficult situation and I don't know how they can survive. But, from the bottom of my heart, I honor what you did.

Now, many people want to change this. There is this league that planned hold with no intervention from PSSI. This neutral league is a league that not associated with PSSI. And, this league is not forbidden by FIFA, anyway, because there are leagues like this also around the world. Unfortunately, those status quo were making big fuss about it and threaten anyone that would join this league.


Now, you see why I don't want Indonesia to win? Because there is nothing good from winning this game. They will not change, they will not falter, they will not listen, and they will be stubborn holding their chair. So, what good we have if they still don't get it? The spirit to reform our football.

Malaysia have their reform a success. They deserve a win.


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