The Right Thing

Feels bad of talking other religion. Somehow, Islam is quite a topic, because of the two things: "The HKBP stabbing" and Kun's post.

In the "Deciphering The Past", I have encountered two things:
  1. Islam as other religions do faces a real problem called modernity.
  2. There are two mitigations because of the threat: revolution and fundamentalism.
Islam like Christianity, also faces the dilemma of both world. Revolution means to rip apart old values, while fundamentalism is vice versa. Both have their own stand point. Furthermore, both have ashholes called extemists.

I found both religious and atheists have those that excercising their belief with ill-mannered way. Both said about their argument being a winner. Until God (Him/Her/It)self(es) showed, no one will ever know the truth.

So, meanwhile why don't we just start believing what we believe and respect what other's believe. And stop generalizing people! Every large group may have leechers, faithless, and opportunists and we must live with that with not being one and considering one.

Hey, that's the beauty of God's compassion, in accordance to my belief, everyone including bad entity could have a way of life. Every possibility exists with consequences.


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